Retro Curtains

Retro beaded curtains

Retro curtains for a hip and funky look are all the rage. You can jump in and become the talk of your circle of friends as having the coolest décor in town.

The Retro Look

You can complete your retro room design or introduce a retro element into your existing décor by adding curtains. You may have considered a big floral 60s design or even thought about going with a 50s soda shop style for your room. Either choice makes an excellent retro décor that you and your family can enjoy for a long time.

You may decide to go with a 70s retro look or even reach back to a 20s or 40s style. Whatever era you decide to use for your new décor, you'll have plenty of choices when it comes to retro curtains.

Buying Ready-Made Curtains

You can purchase ready-made retro curtains that won't break your budget. There are many styles to choose from and some sites have a good selection of patterns and colors. Many websites and stores that sell retro curtains also sell coordinated décor pieces like pillows, rugs and in some cases upholstery fabrics.

Curtain Styles

Some of the most popular retro curtain styles include grommets and pocket tops. The latter will give a gathered effect to the fabric. Curtains come in lined or unlined options. Obviously, the unlined curtain choice will be cheaper than a lined curtain. Some of the retro fabric designs are also available in more contemporary designs such as tab tops. Whatever design choice you buy, you'll be able to create the retro look you're wanting for your home.

Online Resources

There are many online site that sell retro curtains. You're biggest problem will be making that final choice.

Making Your Own Retro Curtains

You can make your own curtains if you know how to sew. This is one way you can ensure that you'll have exactly the kind of curtain you want. It's often easier to find the perfect fabric than it is to find the ideal ready-made curtains.

Bead Curtains

A very popular 60s type of curtain were bead curtains. These curtains were used instead of doors inside homes and even businesses. Bead curtains were often used in place of closet doors for easy and fast access. The bead curtain gave a dramatic and whimsical look to a bedroom. Hallways that didn't have doorways also made an excellent place to hand a bead curtain to give more privacy. Bead curtains can be used over windows, although the main use tended to be doorways. Many people use bead curtains as room dividers.

You can choose from a large range of bead curtains as well as other spinoff styles like silk flowers strung together or plastic colorful cutouts. When greater privacy was wanted, a cloth or metallic foil curtain was often used in conjunction with the beads.

String Curtains

Fringe string curtains are another spin on the bead curtain fad. Most string curtains have approximately 9-18 fringe strings per inch. Available colors cover a broad color palette. Most fringe string curtains are made out of rayon and won't fade in sunlight. Use them like you would bead curtains.

Completing the Retro Look

Depending on the room you're decorating, you may want to add a few other retro accessories to complete the transformation to a retro theme. You can add pillows, art objects, paintings, pictures, sculptures, and even reupholster a piece or two of furniture to make your retro curtains blend with the room.

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