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Ready made drapes come in a huge variety of styles at a number of different price points.

Buying Tips

Most drapery manufacturers and stores that sell ready made drapes will offer all sorts of different styles, colors, and materials. Be sure to choose something that complements the style of the room and works with the other furnishings and fabrics. No matter what color; whether it's solids, stripes, or patterns; silks, sheers, or velvets; you should be able to find what you're looking for in a ready-made variety.

When purchasing ready-made curtain panels try to buy them in pairs. This will ensure that you get the same size and dye lot.

Ready Made Drapes Advantage Over Custom

The major advantage that ready made drapes have over custom made drapes is the price. Custom work can get expensive because you have to pay for the fabric and the labor. It's also not too difficult to find discounted drapes in the ready-made variety.

The other advantage that ready-made has over custom is timing. Custom work can take time as everything has to be made from scratch. Ready-made curtains can be purchased and hung in your home immediately.

Standard Curtain Sizes

Ready-made drapery panels come in different sizes, but the average is 96" in length.

Different ceiling and window heights will require different length curtains. If you have high ceilings you'll likely want something a bit longer than standard length. Some stores offer drapery panels that are 106" in length. It's important that the drapes come all the way to the floor so that they don't appear truncated and too short. Measure carefully before purchasing drapes so that this doesn't happen. (Most designers agree that it's fine if the drapes are about ½" above the floor).

Most drapes will "kiss" the floor. This means that they rest about ½" to 1" on the floor. This is the most common look and will suit modern and traditional room designs.

Depending on your style, you might also want your drapes to puddle. This is where a certain amount of the length is left to "puddle" on the floor. It is recommended that 2" to 6" of material rests on the floor to achieve this dramatic look.

To achieve the correct length, pre-made drapes may need to be hemmed, or if they aren't long enough, an extra piece of fabric might have to be added to the bottom (this can be quite stylish). However, there are so many options now available that it's likely you'll be able to find something in an appropriate length.

Functional Drapes versus Decorative Drapes

Functional drapes are what most people are looking to purchase. The draperies provide coverage for the entire window and allow for privacy when desired. They can be easily opened and closed. Decorative drapes are designed to fully or partially cover the window and are meant to remain stationary. Often ready-mades fall into the functional category.

Window Treatment Purpose

Window treatments do more than just dress up a window. They provide privacy, filter light, and can add color, style, and texture to the room. When purchasing ready-made window treatments make sure that they fulfill all of the needs of your room.

Where to Purchase

Do a quick search in your area and you'll no doubt find many home stores and department stores that sell draperies ready-made. You can also check them out online at stores such as Ikea, Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn.

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Ready Made Drapes