Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Queen Size Beds are Popular

The dimensions for a queen size bed vary depending on the type of queen bed you choose. There are four sizes available for a queen bed. There are several types of mattresses available that come in varying depths.

Four Types of Queen Size Beds

The first thing to do when shopping for a queen bed is to decide on the type of queen size that will best suit your needs. The mattress depth depends on the type of mattress construction and depth. The typical mattress depth ranges anywhere from 7" to 22".

Type Dimensions Depth
Standard 60"W x 80"L 7" - 22"
Olympic 66"W x 80"L 7" - 22"
California 60"W x 84"L 7" - 22"
Split (2) 30"W x 80"L 7" - 22"

Standard Queen Size Bed

The standard queen size bed is the next step up from a full size bed (also called double bed). Many couples opt for a queen bed as a good choice between the full and king size. Compared to a full size mattress, the standard queen is 5" longer and 7" wider. A standard queen size mattress measures 60" wide and 80" long. This type of mattress is available in various depths depending on the type of mattress construction.

California Queen

If you require a longer bed than the standard queen, you may want a California queen bed. While it has the same 60" width as a standard queen bed, the California queen offers an additional 4" in length (84").

Olympic Queen Dimensions

If you want a wider bed than the standard queen, then you can find an additional 6" in width with the Olympic queen (66" wide). The Olympic queen is the same length as the standard queen (80" long).

Split Queen

The split queen mattress features two foundation mattresses 30" wide and 80" long with a one-piece standard queen top mattress. The purpose of the split foundation (usually box springs) is to stabilize the top mattress. The two box springs lessen the mattress movement when your sleeping partner turns over or moves.

Another type of split mattress can be found in an adjustable bed. This design features two mattresses that fit into the adjustable bed frame. Each split mattress has its own control device. Most adjustable split queen frames fit queen headboard and footboard bed frames. The two split queen mattresses are 30" wide and 80" long.

Types of Mattresses and Depths

Mattress depth

Just as other bed sizes, queen size mattresses are available in different materials. Mattresses also come in several depths. These include:

  • Standard: 7" to 14" depth
  • Deep pocket: 15 " depth
  • Extra deep pocket: 16" to 22" depth


The extra depth that a pillow-top gives to a mattress requires deep pocket sheets. The pillow top itself is adds layers of comforted and thickness to a mattress. Some mattresses come with a double sided pillow top for periodic turning over the mattress. Pillow tops can be constructed of cotton fiber, synthetic fiberfill, latex, gel foam, memory foam and other materials. The pillow top mattress can be anywhere between 15" to 22" in depth.

Gel Foam

This type of construction is available for mattress construction. This is often used in a hybrid construction of various combinations that can include gel, memory foam and innerspring. This material is also available in mattress toppers that are usually around 4" in depth.

Memory Foam

Most memory foam mattresses depth ranges from very thin 6" to a thicker depth of 14". The mattress construction typically prevents motion transfer, which is a good feature for couples. Some memory foam retains heat while others are advertised as having a cooling property. Some of the cool sleep mattresses are a hybrid of memory foam and gel foam. This is something you should investigate prior to purchasing. Be sure to read reviews to help determine the properties of each mattress.

Foam for Toppers and Inner Spring Mattresses

Polyurethane foam mattresses can have a thickness but not the support you might need. The foam density is the deciding factor for how much support the mattress will give. This type of foam mattresses can have a depth range of 7" to 14" and is often found in mattress toppers as well as being part of an inner spring construction.


A hybrid mattress can consist of gel foam, memory foam, inner springs, latex and other construction components. Be sure to check the description and ask questions when shopping for a hybrid mattress. This type of mattress comes in varying depths like other mattresses.


You can purchase a 100% natural or synthetic latex mattress. The natural latex is inherently flexible, expanding and conforms to contours more than synthetic latex. A blended latex mattress features both natural and synthetic latex but doesn't have the same quality of resilience or durability of latex. The depth of latex mattresses can range from 6" to 12".

Selecting the Right Queen Size Bed

Understanding the various attributes of a queen size bed can help you make the right decision for your bed purchase. Be sure you understand the materials used in constructing the mattress and the size sheets you'll need for a perfect fit.

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Queen Size Bed Dimensions