Purple Comforter Sets

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Purple comforter sets are a fun way to introduce more color into your bedroom.

Versatile Purple

You may not have thought of purple as a color choice for your bedroom. In fact, you might be surprised to discover how versatile a color it can be. Purple goes well with many other colors such as white, green, yellow, beige, pink, and even certain hues of blue.

Different Purple Comforter Sets

There are many styles and designs of purple comforters that you can purchase. The first thing you need to decide is how much color you wish to add to your bedroom. For example, you may wish to have only a splash of purple. You would then need to shop for a floral pattern that has purple flowers and green foliage.

Statement Stripes

Purples can be matched with another color for a dramatic stripe effect. You may prefer a bold multi-colored stripe pattern where purple isn't the prominent color, and then use purple for the accent color for your bedroom by using pillows, lampshades, draperies and other accessories to highlight the purple in your comforter.

Floral Patterns

Choosing a floral design for your comforter can give you the opportunity to have other hues in your color scheme, especially the color green. Using green accent pieces with your purple floral comforter can help diffuse the purple color from becoming too much color in your bedroom. You may wish to use green and purple striped decorative pillows or a paisley design that complements the floral pattern of your comforter. Solid green pillows and draperies, when a close match to the green in your comforter, will help accent the purple floral pattern and create striking room décor.

You may decide on a purple floral pattern that has other flower colors. A favorite flower choice is pansy. These flowers appear in nature from deep dark purples to light pale lavender. Some are a mixture of velvety purple with brilliant yellow centers.

If you wish to go with a paler purple, then opt for a lavender or lilac design. Many lilac patterns consist of varying hues of purple and blue and lend to a blue accent for your bedroom. Don't forget to add appropriate potpourri scents to complete the lilac or lavender effect.

Dots and Circle Designs

There are endless possibilities when it comes to patterned comforters. You might be designing a more modern décor and want bold dots of purple and white or purple and black. You may like a smaller version of multi-colored circles or dots with purple being the prominent color. This type of pattern can be fun and is easy to mix with a wide variety of other patterns for draperies, sheets, and decorative accent pillows.


A paisley pattern is always fun and full of movement that can create a dramatic and dynamic bedroom décor. The color palette can range from green and purple to yellow and purple and the full spectrum of available colors. Checks and ginghams go well with paisleys, especially if you're leaning toward a country design.

Abstract Patterns

If splashes of color are your artistic frame of expression, then you may want to find an abstract comforter that gives your room a powerful dramatic effect. You can choose between bold vivid colors or soft pale colors. Either way, you have a wide-open playing field for using other fabric textures and pattern designs when you go with an abstract pattern.

Animal Prints

Purple zebra prints have been all the rage over the last few years and still enjoy a wide range of popularity when it comes to bedroom décor. There are other animal prints that are equally effective as a zebra print. Leopard is a very popular choice of animal print and when you buy a purple leopard comforter, you can always find other fabrics to go with it, including rugs. Image a purple tiger striped comforter with black and white zebra pillows. Mix with striped patterns and paisley designs or stylized bold floral fabrics. Use your imagination and design a truly one of a kind purple color scheme bedroom.

Solid-Colored Comforters

If you want a solid color comforter, then a purple comforter may be just want you need to give your room an anchoring color. You can then add various fabrics and patterns to your overall room design to complement and highlight your solid purple comforter. Choose from deep purple to light lilac colored comforters.

Choosing Your Comforter

After you've examined all of the various choices you have for a purple comforter set, you will be faced with the difficult choice of selecting just one comforter. If you can find economically priced comforter sets, then you might decide to splurge and purchase one for summer use and one for winter use. Whichever comforter you select, you're sure to have a unique and fun bedroom design.

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