Placemats for Round Tables

The Right Fitting Placemat

When your round table placemats don't fit and overlap, they look awkward. Select one for hosting a casual luncheon, formal dinner or wedding reception that suits your event and your table's shape.

Oval placemats are easy to find and they come in different materials, color, patterns. They suit round tables due to their curved lines. Find them at major department stores or online at stores like Amazon or Wayfair.

Charger Plate As Placemat

Charger plates, also referred to as chop plates, service plates, and even underplates, were originally used and found on round tables for weddings or state dinners. Now, they're used for a little flair at casual dinners or every day decorations due to the many color and pattern options out there. They are decorative and not meant for food; therefore, they make a great replacement for a traditional placemat on a round table.

Chargers are common, easy to find, and very affordable. Find them online or at any major department store, such as Target or Walmart.

Round Die-Cut Options

Round die-cut placemats work nicely and can be used with a charger plate. These cut outs can be made of paper, cardboard, plastic, lace, yarn or fabric. They're the perfect inexpensive solution to adding a spot of color on a table without spending too much money, particularly if planing a wedding reception that needs hundreds of placemats.

Most major department stores carry them as well as many online stores such as Amazon or If you have the skills, patience, and time, you can knit or use a template to cut out your own.

Bunched Up Table Runner

Instead of a placemat, use a table runner. Fold a table runner and place the plate on top of it. Then, bunch up the other end to create a unique and elegant look. Table runners, like placemats, come in a variety of color, material, and pattern choices, which gives you more options and can be inexpensive. They work well for a round table because the bunched end can be as big or small as you desire, depending on the diameter of your table.

Find table runners at most department stores, such as If you can't find a runner you like at any department store, consider using a bolt of fabric instead from Jo-Ann.

Simple Folded Napkin Placemat

Use a folded, hanging napkin for a placemat. Find a color scheme you like and simply fold the napkin vertically, lay it on the table, and make sure the ends hand down a few inches off the edge. Voila - you have an easy, yet fun placemat setting for a round table. Draping them over the edge of the round table adds a little something extra to make the table pop.

Alternatively, lay them lengthwise on the table so they touch at the center, forming a perfect circle for your centerpiece.

Cloth napkins can be found at LinenTablecloth or Wayfair.

Vinyl Record

If you have a love for music, then dig out those old vinyl records and use them for placemats. This is a fun idea for weddings, a birthday dinner, or if hosting a Grammy party. It's a snazzy twist to the classic placemat and the round shape is perfect for a round table.

Find vinyl records at most thrift shops or local garage sales, as well as online auctions. Local vinyl record stores or online places such as Barnes & Noble, but these may be expensive. If you have the skills, consider creating your own fake version of a vinyl record.

Cutting Board

To create a French country, farmhouse, or shabby chic style to your table, consider using cutting boards as placemats. You can choose from elegant finished boards to old rustic wood cutting boards, so your table is dressed for any occasion, including the holidays. If you do go this route, try to stick with curved or oval-type designs that will contour nicely on a round table.

These cutting boards can be expensive, so another option is to create your own using re-purposed wood.

Holiday Inspired Ideas
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Round tables benefit from shaped placemats that are suited to the holidays. Try to stick with organic designs that contour well on a round table, such as a snowflake placemat for Christmas. Buy these placemats online at The Mine or create your own as seen on In My Own Style (follow the My Details link through the photo).

Other ideas are to use fall leaves for Thanksgiving, seashells for a beach party or wedding theme and butterflies or ladybugs for an outdoor luncheon.

Woven Fern Twigs

Get creative and add a little texture to your table setting by using woven fern twigs, which you can find online at Pier 1. This is a wonderful alternative to a traditional setting and will work nicely for a round table celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter brunch. It's also a brilliant idea for an outdoor wedding.

Similar to the woven fern twigs, you can purchase small twig wreaths or round woven placemats at most department stores in various styles, colors, and prices. If planning for a large dinner or reception wait until after the holidays and purchase small Christmas wreaths while they're on clearance.

Fringed Square Placemat
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In lieu of rectangular placemats, use square-shaped ones instead. A good example is a square fringed placemat from Coyuchi (follow the My Details button on the image link to purchase), which is ideal for a round tables. Stick to about 14-inch by 14-inch sizes to allow enough length and width to frame your plate but small enough to fit on your table without touching or overlapping over other placemats.

Other options available to choose from can be found online or at stores like are many square placemats to choose from and can be found online at Macy's or Crate and Barrel.

Handcrafted Wedge Placemat

Placemats made especially for round tables are called wedge placemats. They're shaped like a trapezoid but curved on the long end to contour to a round table. You can purchase these online at Bed Bath & Beyond or find handcrafted wedges online at Sweet Pea Linens. Another option is to sew your own by using free patterns or templates found online.

Simple Solutions Work Best

Fold your napkin to create a small, yet convenient display for your utensils. This helps free up space on small round tables.

Don't be afraid to try something new and experiment with various options. You can always set up the table to see how it looks before the party whether you're trying out tea party table settings for a more intimate gathering or an elegant table decorating idea for a formal dinner or wedding reception.

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