Body Pillow Covers
Looking for body pillow covers?

Pillowcases protect your pillow while providing you with comfort. Though many do not think much about this type of bed linen, it plays a role in how well you sleep.

What Are Pillowcases

Pillowcases slip over a pillow. There are many reasons to use them. They provide a layer of protection for the pillow. The cases help to keep the pillow hygienic since they are easy to launder. The cases can also be an easy way to update the look of the space. They are easy to locate since most places that sell bedding also sell these cases. With this availability come numerous styles and types of cases, too.

A standard size case is approximately 20 inches by 30 inches. You can buy cases for throw pillows, though these range in size. There are also queen and king size pillows on the market and sheets to match them. Some of the largest are 40 inches by 20 inches. In most cases, the packaging will tell you the size of the case you are purchasing.

Using Cases for Hygiene

The pillowcase is easily taken off the pillow to be laundered. This can help you to keep the actual pillow clean. If more than one person is sharing the pillow, laundering the case in between uses is important and sanitary. The case will keep oils from the hair from reaching the actual pillow. They also help stop saliva from reaching the pillow. When cases are in use properly, they can reduce the risk of spreading some types of illness, especially when they are changed and laundered frequently. This includes reducing the spread of colds, lice and the flu.

Cases and Allergies

For those who have allergies, a pillowcase can be very helpful in reducing symptoms. Select a case that has a specific design to be hypoallergenic. These products cover the pillow and block dust mites from getting out of the pillow and onto the person. These pillowcases also help to protect those who might have allergies to some materials. Hypoallergenic cases do not trigger an allergic attack as some types of bedding can. If you do have an allergy, choose cases that specifically state that they are hypoallergenic.

Decorating With Cases

Yet another important way that pillowcases can work for you is as a decorative item. From bright colors to unique patterns, there are numerous design choices available today. You can use a case to punch up the color in the room by choosing a vibrant color. To add soft charm to the space, choose a case with embroidery or pastel colors. You can choose silk cases for a sexy look. Choose cases that match bedding for a guest room.

Types of Pillowcases

Before you purchase just any type of cases out there, consider some of the options that you have. These cases can be simplistic and easy to use or they can be elaborate, decorative items in a space.

Silk Pillow Cases
  • Drama and Elegance: To add drama and a bit of elegance to a space, consider these ShalinCraft Indian cases. The vibrant color and texture add a new dimension to any space.
  • Soft Luxury: When selecting them, take a look at the material that makes up the case. Some products offer more stitching per square inch, which adds to the quality of the material and its softness. These Egyptian cotton cases are luxurious choices. Another option for luxury is these 00 thread count sheets.
  • Buy in Sets: One of the simplest ways to save money when buying pillowcases is to buy them along with other bed linens. Twin sheet sets often come with one pillowcase, but most other sets come with at least two. These sheet sets are affordable choices and come with the matching cases.
  • Check the Material: Depending on the style of case you would like to buy, you can find numerous choices available to you. For warmth, consider jersey or flannel material. Another option could be satin cases. To be environmentally friend, try bamboo sheets and pillowcases.
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