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Pendleton wool blanket

Soft, vivid and available in numerous colors and patterns, the Pendleton blankets collection offers something for everyone. Whether you're seeking something new to keep you toasty during chilly winter nights or a special gift for a new baby, you'll find plenty of options in this diverse lineup.

About Pendleton

Founded in 1863 by weaver Thomas Kay, Pendleton's beginnings were quite humble. Kay produced wool products in Oregon, where the surroundings were ideal for raising sheep. Eventually, his daughter Fannie joined the business, as did Fannie's husband, C.P. Bishop. Bishop's strong retail background served as a major breakthrough for the company.

Over the years, the company focused on creating robes and blankets for Native Americans. The designs were influenced by styles favored by Native Americans, and featured creative patterns and a rainbow of brilliant colors. Not only were the goods used for basic functional needs, they were also traded between Native American nations and were even used during tribal ceremonies.

Eventually, the company's inventory grew to include men's and women's apparel. Today, the company operates brick and mortar stores in the United States and Canada, and sells its wares online as well.

The Pendleton Blankets Collection

Offering hundreds of wool blankets in all sizes, Pendleton blankets are diverse and quite intriguing in the design concepts. The collection includes four distinct categories:

  • Solid to Plaid Blankets: Though they may be generally rather simple, these blankets are the epitome of easy, laid-back luxury. Choose from plaids, stripes and check patterns, as well as an outstanding selection of solids that run the gamut from light to bright.
  • Jacquard Blankets: Wonderfully unique and brimming with glorious designs that will fascinate Native Americans and history enthusiasts alike, these blankets are part of a tribute series that pay homage to the original Pendleton mills where the first blankets used for Indian trade were produced. .
  • Baby Blankets: Perfect for little ones, these extra soft blankets depict playful scenes and colors sure to delight children of all ages.
  • National Parks Blankets: Part of a series, these collectible Pendleton blankets pay homage to the national parks of the United States, including Yellowstone, Rainier and Yosemite, to name a few.

Inspired Designs

Perhaps even more impressive than the eye-catching designs is the actual production process. The Pendleton crew works with Native Americans to design blankets that remain true to tribal history and reflect modern tastes at the same time. This time-honored tradition is as old as the company itself, and is a tribute to Pendleton's earliest beginnings and its first customers.

Each piece has an artistic flair that ensures it is truly more than just a blanket, particularly since all of the designs are inspired by the rich Native American heritage. In addition to being used strictly for their functional warming purposes, Pendleton blankets are often folded at the foot of the bed, displayed on sofas or hung as wall tapestries.

Pendleton produces a new blanket each year to commemorate Native American life, typically inspired by legends, famous figures, artwork and cultural ceremonies. The blankets feature suede patches that explain the story behind the design. Though they are all vastly different from one another, they share in common an appreciation for deep color, intricate artwork and expert craftsmanship.

Where to Purchase

Pendleton blankets are available online and in Pendleton retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. Visit the store locator to find your nearest store. Blankets are also available to order via the store's catalog, which you can obtain via their catalog request page.

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