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Types of Curtains
Curtains can bring a room to life!

There's more to patio door curtains than meets the eye. There are plenty of styles available, ranging from regal drapes to practical blinds, but when it comes to choosing the right one for your home, it's important to consider a few points before you purchase.

About Patio Door Curtains

Just like your sofas, tables and paint colors, much thought will go into the types of curtains you choose for each room. There's more to the process than simply choosing the right size and calling it a day. In many parts of the house, the curtain design and material can play a great role in the overall mood and personality of your room. For example, a kitchen is infinitely bright and uplifting with a sunny yellow curtain draped over the window; a bathroom with dark tiles and walls is complemented with a curtain in a light hue; and a young girl's bedroom is often the perfect spot for something bubble gum pink.

Similarly, your patio door curtains can say a lot about the room. They might serve as the main focal point in the room if they're heavily patterned or crafted with an ostentatious, rich material. They might blend into the background or the room's overall design if they're neutral and simple. Either way, the curtains that cover patio doors play a more important role beyond this design-oriented aspect; they have a highly functional element to them, as well.

Form, Function and Fashion

Several types of window coverings are considered suitable for patio doors, some more than others. They include curtains, vertical blinds or a combination of the two. There are several benefits associated with both:

  • Curtains may lend the room an elegant, regal feel, and can add quite a luxurious touch to an already formal room. In rooms that are lavishly decorated, drapes are a more sensible choice from a design point of view.
  • Curtains are available in many colors, patterns and materials. For a design-oriented individual, it can be quite enjoyable to sift through the selections and whittle them down to a select few.
  • Curtains are very affordable. If you're on a budget, you can shop quite comfortably for great curtains and can often purchase more than one set for a reasonable price.
  • Thicker curtains can provide excellent insulation against cold weather during the last few months of the year, and even thinner curtains do the same when they have a heavier material lining.
  • Vertical blinds are sturdy, which means they are less likely to get pulled through an open door on a windy day.
  • Vertical blinds are also very easy to clean with a bit of water.

On the other hand, there are also a few drawbacks associated with both:

  • Curtains might catch on large door locks or handles, which may damage the material over time. To prevent this, the curtain rods should be positioned several inches away from the door. The brackets that hold them can be easily concealed with a top valence.
  • Curtains may blow to and fro when exposed to the wind, possibly even flying outward and picking up dirt and debris in the process. If you prefer the look of curtains, you might consider having neutral colored vertical blinds placed over the doors, and then add curtains suspended from a rod above the blinds.
  • Vertical blinds are more popular than ever, but they are not available in as many varieties as curtains. This isn't to say there isn't a great selection, but if design and color are major concerns, some individuals may shy away from verticals.

Where to Purchase

Though patio door curtains are readily available in many stores, it's best to go through a window treatment specialty store, especially if this is your first purchase. Both, of course, require exact measurements, and often the advice of a window treatment specialist can prove invaluable. Check out the following stores for great selections:

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