Palm Tree Comforter Options

Comforter with palm tree fronds design

Palm tree comforters have gained popularity over the past years. If you're drawn to the island look, then it's very easy to work this tropical motif into your bedroom design for a resort getaway feel.

Finding Popular Palm Tree Comforters

You'll quickly discover some of the more popular comforter designs are manufactured by the same company. Several manufacturers have a line of tropical or palm tree comforters that you'll want to be sure to explore before selecting the comforter for your bedroom.

Croscill Comforters

Croscill is a name synonymous with high-end quality bedding and offers stylish comforter designs.

Fiji Bedding

  • In this comforter design the background is an ecru color with a highlighted white band along the bottom of the comforter. The banding stops at the edge of the mattress to allow an attractive display of stylized palm trees of various sizes. A thin lighter ecru stripe and a second wider stripe run along the bottom of the banding giving a nice contrast to the darker background color. The top of the comforter had a narrow white band serving as the background for a similar row of palm trees much smaller in size. You can purchase an entire ensemble with white and ecru pillows that highlight the palm trees in a staggered arrangement.

C & F Bedding

C & F bedding offers a fun palm tree design.

Surfer's Bay Hawaiian

  • A fun whimsical design for the surfer in your home is a patchwork quilt style of comforter. The patchwork panels of blue and yellow feature palm trees, surfboards and an old-fashioned paneled station wagon for hauling those cherished surfboards. Seashells and the word beach spelled out with surfboards complete the designs used in the patchwork squares and rectangles. A bed skirt and decorator pillows are also available.

Designs to Sway You

As you can see, there are quite a few design choices for palm tree comforters and are available in many styles and colors.

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Palm Tree Comforter Options