Oval Tablecloths

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An oval tablecloth is an easy way to add a decorative touch to your dining room, and protect your table. A tablecloth will add more style to the your room décor and protect your table from normal wear and tear.

Oval Tablecloth Styles

Oval tablecloths come in several styles that will suit every need and every décor.

  • Formal: Formal tablecloths are often made of nice quality materials such as linen or lace. Typically, people choose a solid color for a formal dining room setting, but you can add a touch of style by choosing a delicate lace or minimalist floral pattern.
  • Informal: Informal tablecloths can be any combination of material, patterns and colors you desire. Casual tablecloths do well in rooms that you use for frequent dining, such as the kitchen. For an informal tablecloth you should consider cotton and polyester blends.
  • Outdoor: An oval tablecloth is a quick way to dress up your outdoor furniture. You can choose to match the tablecloth with your backyard, such as tropical design, or you can have fun with the design and pick a whimsical pattern. Plaid is also a popular design style for outdoor eating areas.

Tablecloth Colors and Designs

Oval tablecloths come in every color of the rainbow and dozens of different designs and patterns. The combination you choose should go well with your room and be something you like personally. For example, a solid cotton tablecloth in a russet color would go well in a modern kitchen, while a polyester tablecloth in a paisley pattern would blend well with vintage décor.

Tablecloth Materials

Designers use several materials to create the different styles of oval tablecloths. A few popular materials include:

  • Burlap
  • Cotton
  • Damask
  • Denim
  • Lace
  • Polyester blends
  • Satin
  • Suede
  • Vinyl

When choosing the material for your tablecloth you should consider how much wear and tear the tablecloth will receive. For example, lace tablecloths may not be suitable for a table you use frequently as the fragile quality of the material can rip or stain easily. Vinyl is a good choice for a tablecloth to go on an outdoor patio set. Vinyl tablecloths are stain resistant and weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use.

How to Measure Oval Tables for Tablecloths

The round edges of oval tables can make measuring for a new tablecloth more complicated than measuring for a rectangular or square one. Creating a template of your table is a simple way to ensure you get the right size tablecloth. Place a large piece of drafting or stenciling paper over one half of your table and use a marker to trace the edges of the table starting at one end of the paper. This will give you the exact size of your table, which you can take with you when shopping for a new tablecloth.

Another way that's easier is to measure the tabletop from the longest point from one end to the other and the widest point in the center. Next, add anywhere from 10 inches to 12 inches for the drop. The drop is the amount of fabric that will extend over the edge of the table to the lap of those seated at the table. Banquet tables often have a drop from the edge of the table to the floor. If you're measuring for banquet tables, then be sure you measure from the edge of the table to the floor so you get an accurate reading of how much material you need so the tablecloth touches the floor.

If you are having trouble measuring your oval table, you can use a chart to assist you:

  • Seating: 4 to 6: Table measurements: 28" x 46" up to 40" x 58", Tablecloth size needed: 52" x 70"
  • Seating for 6 to 8: Table measurements: 36" x 58" up to 48" x 70", Tablecloth size needed: 60" x 82" up to 70" x 90"
  • Seating for 8 to 10: Table measurements 36" x 78" up to 48" x 90", Tablecloth size needed: 60" x 102" up to 70" x 104"
  • Seating for 12 to 14: Table measurements: 36" x 96" up to 48" x 108", Tablecloth size needed: 60" x 120" up to 70" x 120"
  • Seating for 14 to 16: Table measurements: 36" x 120" up to 48" x 132", Tablecloth size needed: 60" x 144" up to 70" x 177"

Ordering Tablecloths for Special Occasions

Many people use oval-shaped banquet tables for their special occasions where they need to seat a large group of people, such as a wedding or family reunion. Adding tablecloths to banquet tables will create a wonderful ambiance to make the occasion extra special. You can match your tablecloths to the overall color scheme. Save money for your event by renting the tablecloths. Linen Effects rents oval tablecloths with an elegant feel. Table Toppers Inc rents a variety of tablecloths, including sheer and satin fabrics.

Several online retailers specialize in oval tablecloths:

When purchasing a new oval tablecloth, keep the unique shape of your table in mind. Standard tablecloths or ones designed for square and rectangular tables will not fit an oval table correctly. Using a rectangular tablecloth will cause the drop to hang unevenly.

Homemade Tablecloths for Oval Tables

You can make your own tablecloth for a custom look and use any material you desire. When purchasing material, use the actual table measurements or the approximation guidelines. Be sure to add several inches on each side for the drop and hem.

Crocheted tablecloths are another popular form of handmade tablecloths. You can create your own design or purchase a pre-made design like the ones at Hass Designs that are tailored specifically for oval tables.

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