Outdoor Design Hand Towels

outdoor design hand towels

If your bathroom is decorated with a rustic theme, outdoor design hand towels can be the perfect accent. You'll find a variety of outdoor-themed linens online, and the Internet may be the best place to get a great deal on this type of product.

Rustic Decorating

Whether you need to decorate the bathroom in your cabin or want to add the beauty of the outdoors to your powder room, rustic decorating elements can make your home welcoming and memorable. Rustic décor typically includes design elements like pine trees, pinecones, wood details, forest creatures, antlers, and rough stone. Popular colors include cream, brown, forest green, deep red, and tan. Texture also plays an important role in rustic decorating. Nothing should be too refined or too shiny.

In the bathroom, a rustic décor can add a fun and unique flair; however, as with any theme, it's also a good idea to keep practicality in mind. Materials like untreated wood and real antlers may not respond well to the high moisture content in bathroom air, but nature-themed towels, curtains, and other linens can be the ideal way to incorporate a rustic style.

Choosing Outdoor Design Hand Towels

Hand towels are typically quite inexpensive, and they are a great way to incorporate a new design element into your bathroom décor. If your bathroom is mostly neutral in color and style, you can add more flair by using outdoor-themed hand towels. Designs range from subtle pinecone embroidery to all-over patterns of pine trees, moose, bears, or other common rustic themes. When buying hand towels, consider fabric content and texture. Even though it's important to charm guests with the lovely natural style of your towels, it's also nice to have towels that are soft and absorbent. High-quality towels are generally 100% cotton and are often made of Egyptian or Supima cotton fibers. Quality materials and workmanship are just as important as style, and with all the options available, there's no reason to compromise.

Other Rustic Bathroom Décor Options

If you love nature and want to truly embrace it in your bathroom, hand towels are just one place to start. In addition to your towels, you can give your bathroom a natural feel with many accessories. Consider the following:

  • Nature-themed lighting
  • Rustic shower curtain
  • Lodge-themed window treatments
  • Rugs and other fun accents with an outdoors feel
  • Wall coverings in nature patterns

Where to Find Rustic Hand Towels

Because outdoor themes are increasing in popularity, there is a great selection of products available to accent an outdoor-style bathroom. The following sites offer a selection of hand towels with outdoor designs:

  • Touch of Class has some lovely outdoor designs in 100% cotton.
  • Amazon.com has lodge-themed and Western-themed hand towels for great prices.
  • Cabin Place offers several beautiful, outdoor-themed towel designs.

No matter which pattern, color, fabric, and style you choose for your outdoor design hand towels, you'll have fun experimenting. Small changes can have a big impact on the overall feel of your bathroom!

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Outdoor Design Hand Towels