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Body pillows ease neck pain.
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An orthopedic pillow may be just what you need to improve the quality of your sleep. Although there are many pillow choices on the market, these pillows are designed to provide better support and comfort.

What Is an Orthopedic Pillow

An orthopedic pillow has a unique design that corrects your body positioning while you are lying down. This type of pillow conforms to the orthopedic guidelines, which ensures that it provides support and proper placement of the body. By doing this, the pillow improves the quality of sleep you get.

While most standard pillows are foam and fiber mixtures, there are other types made out of memory foam. Memory foam is a unique substance that allows the pillow to contour to the shape of your head and neck to reduce strain and stress on those areas. To do this, the memory foam reacts to the heat from your body and then molds to the shape of that body part. Once you move, though, it goes back to its original shape.

Some manufacturers of orthopedic pillows state that the pillows are able to improve a variety of medical conditions. This includes reducing sleep apnea symptoms, lower back pain, acid reflux, insomnia, problems breathing, and neck pain. You can select the type of pillow right for the area of the body you need support. You can find orthopedic pillows for many parts of the body.

  • Cervical pillow: This type of pillow has a curve in it which helps it to fit the shoulders, neck and head properly. Manufacturers state that the cervical pillow, which is sometimes called a contour pillow, is ideal for those who sleep on their sides or back. It helps to reduce neck pain, headaches and eases shoulder pain.
  • Wedge pillow: This type of orthopedic pillow has a triangular shape. This creates a slope and allows your body to position diagonally. It can be used for various areas of the body, but many people use it to reduce acid reflux and GERD symptoms while they sleep.
  • Neck pillow: A neck pillow is designed in a C shape. It provides contouring for the neck. Travelers will benefit from this type of pillow since it helps to keep the neck straight when you must sleep in a sitting position.
  • Body pillow: As the name implies, an orthopedic body pillow is a long pillow that supports the head, shoulders, back, lower back, knees, and legs. It provides additional comfort to your body and is an ideal choice if you sleep on your side.
  • Lumbar pillow: An orthopedic lumbar pillow provides additional comfort for the lower back. A half moon shaped pillow positioned at the lower back helps to correct the sitting position and relieve lumbar pain and discomfort. You can also use this pillow under the knees to lift your legs or use it for neck support.

Choosing the Right Pillow

Orthopedic pillows are not all the same. Selecting the right one requires taking into consideration the way that you sleep and any problems you may be experiencing. Side sleepers will do well with a side sleeper pillow since it will help to correct the placement of the arms, shoulders and neck. For back sleepers, consider a pillow that offers firm support behind the neck, in the lower and middle back region. A neck contour pillow or wedge style pillow provides the best comfort.

Memory Foam Pillow

When buying these orthopedic pillows, do take the time to compare several manufacturers as well as pillow styles.

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Orthopedic Pillow