Nautical Bedding

Nautical bedding
Nautical Quilt

From whimsical to elegant, nautical bedding is available in a variety of fresh styles that will leave your bedroom a sea-inspired haven. Whether you just want to add a few accent pillows with a coastal or seashell motif or you want to transform your bedroom into a beach house delight, you'll find a wide range of styles and themes inspired by the sea and sailing if you just take time to shop around.

Types of Nautical Bedding

Whether you love the seaside, boating and all things nautical, or just like the crisp cool look of a nautical motif for your bedding, there are many different designs to choose from. Bedding in nautical themes is available for even the youngest sailors-to-be in infant, toddler and children's bedding all the way up to fun looks for teens and more sophisticated adult bedding styles.

While colors may vary, many nautical comforters, sheets sets, and duvets incorporate classic nautical colors including:

  • Navy
  • Light blue
  • Aqua
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow

Classic nautical motifs are often used in bedding including:

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  • Ships
  • Sailboats
  • Life preservers
  • Anchors
  • Flags
  • Wheel or helm
  • Harbor or seaside scenes
  • Lighthouses
  • Coastal charts and maps

These motifs are used in many ways from embellishments on simple accent pillows to full patterns on sheets and comforters.

Stripes are a common look for nautical bedding and are often a combination of navy and white, blue and white, or various blue and navy shades with cream or white. A pattern of thick and thin stripes gives a fresh, seaside feel.

Beach and coastal motif bedding is also often grouped with nautical themes. These may include designs featuring shells, sand dollars, coral, fish and other sealife, or beach and ocean scenes.

Where to Buy

The options for purchasing nautical bedding are fairly substantial since it is a popular bedding design. Not only do you have more choices in patterns and styles, but coastal and nautical sheets, comforters, duvets, and other bedding are available at a wide variety of price points, from budget-friendly beds-in-a-bag to luxury bedding ensembles. In addition to shopping at major department stores, linens and bedding retailers, and bedding catalogs, you may also want to consider specialty gift stores that focus on nautical themed items. This will increase your selection options, and may offer something a bit different than is available in department stores. The following stores have nautical bedding selections:

Choosing Nautical Theme Bedding

Bedding with a nautical or sailing theme is popular, which allows for plenty of options in styles and designs. While much of the children's bedding available in this theme is geared toward boys, overall the designs are versatile and unisex. When choosing this style of bedding, consider the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a clean, classic nautical motif for your bedding? A striped navy and white bedding set or bedding with just a few key accents might be right.
  • Do you want a contemporary nautical look for your bedding? Look for nautical and coastal motifs in bold or bright colors that deviate from the classics or look for eclectic sea-themed prints.
  • Do you want a fun nautical theme for the bedding? There are many styles in children's bedding and even some adult bedding that incorporate more color and fun accents such as pirates or colorful shells. If you are investing in high quality bedding for a child, keep in mind that the more juvenile prints won't grow with your child whereas more classic nautical looks can move beyond the younger years.

A Theme for All Styles

Inspired by all things related to the sea, ships, and sailing, nautical boating can breathe fresh life into any bedroom. Whether your style is whimsical or sophisticated, there is a nautical bedding theme perfect for your tastes.

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