Matelasse Bedspreads

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Matelasse bedspreads can give your bedroom an elegant look.

History of Matelasse Bedspread Fabric

Matelasse (Mat-lasei) is a French technique used in quilting, although it isn't a typical kind of quilting. Intricate patterns are created by literally thousands and thousands of stitches that give the material the appearance of being padded. These stitches aren't done by hand, but by a quilting machine or loom. The bedspread appears to be quilted, but this illusion is created by the many stitches sewn so closely and tightly together. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to creating intricate patterns and designs with this technique.

Fiber Choices

Matelasse bedspreads are made out of 100 percent cotton. There are, of course, different qualities of cotton, so you need to decide what type of cotton you want.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is considered superior to most cottons since it has such a long fiber. This in turns makes the fabric woven from the fiber very soft.

Organic Cotton

The advantages of owning an organic cotton bedspread is that you know it's completely absent of any kind of chemicals. The dyes are also organic vegetable dyes. This is especially important if you are chemical sensitive or simply embrace a green lifestyle.

Texture and Appearance

The appearance of a Matelasse bedspread is pure luxury. The all-cotton fabric lends itself to some amazing designs that are raised to create a soft texture that makes you want to touch it. The texture is so detailed that many people describe it as sculpted. Many times, you will find a Matelasse that has been designed to be reversible. Often, the lining fabric is simple and in keeping with the period of the design, such as ticking fabric. This gives you the luxury of two bedspreads for the price of one.


You have quite a few patterns from which to choose for your Matelasse bedspreads. You may prefer to go with a floral for a French Country look. A mixture of floral and stripe can bring a feeling of nostalgia to your bedroom.

William and Mary

The pattern that's commonly known as William and Mary was inspired by an antique coverlet discovered in a collection of textiles from Colonial Williamsburg and was instantly in demand as a reproduction. This pattern has stylized fauna and flora motifs that were popular choices during the reign of joint sovereigns of England, King William II and Queen Mary II. This is also known as the Baroque period.

Rose Medallion

If you want to capture the old world romance of knights and ladies, the rose medallion reflects the essence of this era. Like other Matelasse bedspread designs, the repetitive rose medallion has a raised texture.

Basket Weave

The basket weave design is an ancient pattern that conveys an appreciation for long-lasting artworks. You can use this pattern in a boy's room or a master bedroom. It will go with any kind of design style, proving it to be a very versatile pattern choice.

Contemporary Patterns

There is an abundance of new patterns emerging in Matelasse bedspread designs. Some designs resemble ocean waves, while others are a creation of swirls, and some use revived lattice patterns with other motifs and designs.

Care of Your Bedspread

Even though the majority of Matelasse bedspreads are made out of 100 percent cotton, they are still machine washable. This convenience makes it an excellent choice for your next bedspread purchase. The more you wash your bedspread, the softer it will become. Be sure to read the label for the care of your bedspread and what heat settings are best for your dryer.

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