Mary Engelbreit Tablecloth

Mary Engelbreit plastic tablecloth
Mary Engelbreit plastic tablecloth

Fans of cheerful, uplifting artwork may be interested in adding a Mary Engelbreit tablecloth to their kitchen décor. Even those who aren't familiar with Engelbreit's name may recognize her distinctive creations once they see them.

About Mary Engelbreit

Artist Mary Engelbreit is known for her whimsical, warm designs. Although she got her start illustrating greeting cards, it wasn't long before the demand for her artwork in other capacities grew. An entire slew of products followed, ranging from apparel and calendars to dolls and kitchenware. Engelbreit is also a regarded author and illustrator of children's books.

Cute Kitchen décor

If ever you dreamed of creating a comfortable, homey environment in your kitchen, you can count on achieving the look with a few choice pieces by Mary Engelbreit. The artist's collection includes a number of playful accent pieces for the kitchen, such as coasters, mugs, placemats, recipe boxes (and coordinating recipe cards), paper goods, trays, bowls, hand towels, cupcake boxes, lunch bags, tablecloths, and so much more.

Each piece works well on its own, but items can be matched with coordinating pieces for a more streamlined look, too. For example, you might choose a set of "Too Much of a Good Thing" serving bowls and purchase trays in the same pattern. Many of Engelbreit's kitchenware products can be coordinated in this way.

Shopping for a Mary Engelbreit Tablecloth

A patterned tablecloth makes a bold, pronounced statement every time, particularly when it is etched with artwork as unique and fanciful as Engelbreit's. The artist offers a range of tablecloths in her collection, many of which are available online at specialty gift shops and eBay. You might also find them at the official Mary Engelbreit online shop from time to time, but note that selections change frequently and items do sell out quickly. If you see a tablecloth you love, don't wait too long before making that purchase.

Tablecloth Styles

Mary Engelbreit tablecloth styles range from classic cotton toppers to durable vinyl covers. Depending on the occasion and environment, you will want to choose a tablecloth accordingly. For example, a cotton tablecloth that stains easily is not a great choice for a children's birthday party, but one of Engelbreit's easy wipe-clean vinyl tablecloths is perfect. On the other hand, an adult's tea party might be the perfect setting for a whimsical fabric tablecloth by Engelbreit. It all depends on the situation and the company.

With a bit of searching, you'll find plenty of Engelbreit tablecloths. Among the styles available are:

  • Love, Hope, Family: Add a touch of whimsy to your family dinner nights with the Love, Home, Family tablecloth. This plastic cover features eye-catching illustrations of cherry-adorned tea cups, little dogs, warm armchairs, cozy homes, hearts, moons, and flowers. They're all interspersed with the words "love," "home," and "family." Find this rectangular tablecloth on eBay.
  • If you have a circular table, consider the cotton table cover etched with red roses atop a black backdrop. This vivid design is more elegant and less playful, and adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. Find this tablecloth on eBay.

Other Options

If you can't find exactly the type of tablecloth you want, or just aren't drawn to the few that are available, consider making your own using Mary Engelbreit for Moda fabric. These unique cloths are ideal for designing your own creations in the comfort of your home, and are available in a variety of patterns. You'll find them at many online and brick and mortar fabric stores. If you aren't a DIY type, pay a visit to Etsy. From time to time, you'll find sellers who create tablecloths using Engelbreit fabrics.

When shopping for an Engelbreit tablecloth, keep in mind the existing décor and layout of your kitchen. If it's already heavily decorated, you may want to choose a conservative table cover in lieu of something overly colorful. Otherwise, treat your tablecloth as the focal point of the room. With so many vibrant styles to choose from, you can't go wrong.

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Mary Engelbreit Tablecloth