Queen-Size Lilac Comforter

lilac comforter

A queen-size lilac comforter offers a serene and restful feel to your midsize bed. If you're in love with the pretty shade of lilac, you can find many comforter styles that will indulge your senses and help to create a bedroom that takes you away from the stress of the day. You'll find many designs specifically with a lilac flower motif, as well as various designs in lovely lilac colors.

Choosing a Lilac Comforter in a Queen Size

Lilac, like most colors, comes in various shades. This lovely purple hue has a slightly inky undertone which gives it a classy and restful feel. In its darkest shades, lilac resembles a dark, blue-toned purple, while in its lightest shades, this color borders on a barely-there grey-toned pale purple.

While twin size lilac bedspreads are sometimes spattered with girly prints and designed for young girls' bedding, queen sized comforters in this color are typically designed in somewhat more mature styles, making them ideal for older girls, teens, and women. Unlike many purple shades that have more red or pink undertones, a lilac queen comforter can also be a good choice for couples since some lilac shades border more on the blue or grey sides.

When choosing a lilac comforter, there are many accent colors that can be used in your décor scheme, including both cool neutrals like grey and taupe, and warmer neutrals like ivory and beige. In nature, lilac flowers most commonly appear as lilac, lavender, white, pink, blue, yellow and purple, so these shades are natural to use in completing bedroom décor with a lilac comforter. Green and various purple shades are also often paired together in comforter designs, and can also be excellent accent colors.

Queen-Size Lilac Comforter Styles

Unlike a bold style like purple zebra bedding, most queen size lilac comforter styles are on the softer side. You will, however, find some with modern or unusual flair

Lilac Flower Queen Comforters

Pretty, feminine, and spring-like, a comforter with a delicate lilac print or design is a beautiful way to brighten up your queen size bed.

Some popular styles include:

  • White or other solid background comforters with bunches of lilacs
  • Lilacs and wildflower motifs
  • Garden or country inspired designs with lilacs with stems and other greenery
  • Comforters featuring large bouquets of lilacs
  • Lilac and mixed flower designs

Lilac Colored Comforter Styles

From minimalist solids to contemporary blocks of color, there are a variety of queen size comforter designs focusing or incorporating the color lilac. Styles include:

  • Comforters with white or other solid backgrounds
  • Solid color lavender comforters
  • Damask stripes
  • Lavender stripes alternated with another color or colors
  • Scrollwork or Victorian inspired designs
  • Reversible comforters with solid lilac or lilac print on one side and a solid color on the opposite side

The lilac leaves are also beautiful, and some quilt designs are also available featuring the nearly heart-shaped leaves and branches or the lilac flower.

Where to Buy

You can find queen size lilac comforter styles available at department, and bedding stores, and many bedding catalogs. The following is a sampling of where to buy some of these beautiful designs:

Buying Tips

  • Check the measurements of comforters against your bed size when possible. Some comforters sized full/queen may be smaller than you need. If you like an extra roomy comforter, look for oversize or opt for a king size for you queen bed.
  • If it's the lilac color you're looking for, look at various purple shades - some colors, like lavender, may be very close to lilac and yield exactly what you're looking for.
  • While you can find lilac comforters virtually any time of year with internet shopping, many department stores feature softer colors and floral designs in the spring, so that might be a prime time to find a lilac comforter.
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