How to Display Bath Towels

Beautiful Bath Towels

Towels are more than just functional linens, and knowing how to display bath towels to showcase their colors, textures, and patterns can add an elegant touch to your bathroom. While simply folding the towels may be the most practical and easiest solution, there are actually many ways to display towels easily and beautifully.

A rustic ladder makes displaying and accessing towels simple. Look for one that matches your bathroom's existing color scheme and woodwork.

Colored Tiers

If you have several colors of towels, a simple coordinated stack can be lovely. Arrange the bath towels with matching hand towels and washcloths in a pattern that shows off the color contrasts for a quick and easy display. Match the order of colors in both stacks for a pleasing look.

Rolled Towels

Rolling towels is fast and efficient. Rolled towels can be stacked on a shelf, sink, tub surround, vanity, or even the back of the toilet. Wherever they are, they will add a luxurious touch to the décor. For a spa-like arrangement, add nearby candles, reed diffusers, decorative soaps, or a simple plant to enhance the décor.

Romantic Swans

Towel folding can be either simple or artistic. Learning how to fold towels in the shape of stylized swans is a creative way to display bath towels. A single swan is appropriate, or arrange a pair of swans to make a romantic heart shape to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion.

According to Towel Design, to create a swan you'll need one large white towel (bath towel), one medium white towel (hand towel) and a flat service. Spread the large towel out and find the mid-point, begin rolling the right and left side of that point toward the center. When complete, twist the towel into the shape of a swan's head and neck, then either roll the hand towel or fold it like a fan and place it behind the swan's neck.

Guest Towels

If you are having a house guest, rolled towels on their bed are a welcoming touch, as well as a practical way to show them which towels to use during their stay. Elongated rolls are more unusual and can create a tapered display for more elegance. Select ones that complement the bedding scheme.

Tied Stack

The edge of a bathtub is a convenient place to stack towels, but the display doesn't have to be boring. Stack contrasting towels together and tie them loosely with a coordinating ribbon for an instantly welcoming touch. Seasonal ribbons can be used near holidays for an extra special decorative note.

Rolled Shelves

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, a hanging shelf can be the perfect place to display bath towels. Fold and roll towels so they are the same width, then stack them onto the shelves. Use a different shelf for each towel size and alternate where each size is stored for greater visual interest if your shelving is big enough. Coordinate the shelf with other bathroom accessories for a complete look.

Tropical Towels

Add a tropical touch to your display of bath towels by turning down a corner of each rolled towel and tucking a single tropical flower into the fold. You can also place larger sprigs on top of the towels. Seashells, tropical soaps, or simple sprigs of greenery are other options.

Towel Basket

Towels do not always need to be displayed on a shelf. Arrange similarly sized towels in a convenient wicker basket that can be moved easily if extra space is needed. A ceramic tray is another option for displaying towels, or arrange them in a fabric-covered basket.

Towel Details Determine Display
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When deciding how to display bath towels, don't forget to take advantage of their own design Many towels have lovely embroidery, edging, and textures that can be displayed for an extra decorative touch. Fold the towels to highlight these details and display them where the designs will be easily seen.

Coordinated Colors

If you have chosen bath towels in colors that coordinate with your bathroom décor, such as the wallpaper, tiles, or artwork, display them where that coordination will be apparent. For example, the towels displayed are coral and white, which match the hooks on the wall. Coral provides a nice pop of color in the neutral bathroom.

Tied Towels

A simple cord, raffia, or braid tied around thick bath towels adds instant elegance to your display. Coordinate the color of the tie with the towels and arrange the knot so it can be easily removed when the towels are needed. Curtain tiebacks, ribbons, and decorator cords are all fine options, too.

Towel Animals

Children will love playful towel animals such as elephants, snails, and monkeys. It will take a bit of practice to learn these towel folding techniques, but the rewards will pay off with smiling faces and young children eager to learn how to fold their own towels. Follow towel folding instructions that provide step-by-step guides on how to create various animals.

Towel Pegs

Simple pegs are a great way to display larger towels, whether you need a way to display beach towels in the summer or if you're looking for an alternative easy option for bath towel storage. Be sure the hooks or pegs are spaced well to accommodate thick towels, and they should be curved enough to support heavy towels without trouble.

Convenient Displays

No matter how you display your bath towels, they should always be convenient to where they will be needed. Whether it is for a shower, bathtub, spa, or other use, display bath towels so they will be both beautiful and functional. While near the bed and shower are the most practical spots, it also helps to put them on beds and even on nightstands for convenience.

Towel Storage

If you can't find a way to display your bath towels to your liking, a linen closet is always a good idea. Keep spare towels rolled or folded appropriately so they will always be ready for use, and you'll be sure to have plenty of towels on hand.

Once you've determined the best way to display your towels, look for unique shower curtains or find tips on how to coordinate your rug with your towels.

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