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How to Display Bath Towels

Luxurious accent pieces though they may be, hand towels also serve a very functional purpose. Although some styles are strictly decorative, the majority of them are perfect for slipping over a towel hanger in a powder room or even stowing in the kitchen for those messy moments.

Hand Versus Show Towels

Decorative towels can bring quite a distinctive touch to any room. As a complement to bathroom décor, for example, a lace-trimmed or heavily embroidered towel adds a dash of elegance. Generally, these show towels are not used for a towel's otherwise utilitarian purpose of drying the hands. Their decorative accents may be easily destroyed in a washing machine, and if washed often enough, the shape of the towel may even lose its shape through shrinkage.

Hand towels, on the other hand, are quite self-explanatory. They are smaller than basic bath towels, and are generally easy to recognize as the smallest ones in the towel department. Hand towels are basic necessities in bathrooms and kitchens, and are available in a wide range of solid colors, bright patterns and understated prints. They are often sold in packaged sets for very reasonable prices, but are also sold as individual pieces.

Gift Ideas

This kind of towel may be a fairly standard household item, but hand towels also make convenient and useful gifts for new homeowners. They're also perfect for gifting to a hostess or a newly married couple, particularly with a meaningful monogram, such as name initials, the family's name or a noteworthy date.

Shopping for Hand Towels

Not surprisingly, the ubiquitous hand towel is widely available in all kinds of stores. You can find them everywhere from supermarkets and mass merchandise retailers to department stores and drugstores. The big difference between these sources is in the quality and in the type of deal you're seeking. If you just need one or two towels, you can probably run into your local drugstore and find just what you need.

For a wider selection, though, your best bet is to visit a larger store. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the right foot:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond carries an immense selection of towels that are both functional and decorative. Many are available in reasonably priced sets. Choose from monogrammed styles and designer towels, such as DKNY, Avanti, Tommy Bahama, Lenox, LuxeSPA, Royal Velvet, and many more.
  • Macy's is a one-stop shop for quality household items. Here, you'll find plenty of small towels for the hands from designers like Avanti, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Tracy Reese, Charter Club, Martha Stewart Collection, Lenox, Hotel Collection, Lacoste, and many other well-known labels. Since the majority of these towels are available in all sizes, it's a great place to pick up an entire set if you happen to love a particular design. That way, you can collect a variety of matching pieces, like body sheets or even bath mats.
  • Neiman Marcus likely isn't the first stop on the hunt for hand towels, but if you're seeking a memorable gift for someone special, consider checking out the selection. Choose from Collection Towels and Fashion Towels. The Collection Towels group is simple, clean and can also be monogrammed. Meanwhile, the Fashion Towels group, is mostly quite colorful, adorned with everything from bold lettering to vibrant animal prints. Expect to pay just a bit more here, but don't be turned off by that because the prices are generally reasonable for hand towels.
  • Pottery Barn is undoubtedly the place to go if you're seeking an especially distinctive design. The company's towels are available in a range of impressive prints, such as leopard and coral. There are even styles made with organic cotton to suit the eco-friendly enthusiast's needs.
  • Target is sensible simply because of its vast selection. More importantly, though, is that the towels are prepackaged in sets. If you see a print or color you absolutely love, you can grab a multi-piece set that incorporates various sizes. Better still, the sets are very reasonably priced, neatly packaged and make great gift ideas for the holiday season.
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