Funky Colorful Bedding

Brighten Up

Add some bold personality to your room with a touch of funky, colorful bedding! Whether you opt for a bright accent pillow or a vivacious comforter set, you'll enjoy an exuberant new look for your bedroom that just exudes happiness.

Your pleasant surroundings will do more than just brighten up your room; they may also brighten up your day. Bright colors can have quite a positive effect on mood. They also serve as a brilliant contrast to dismal winter weather and gloomy rains. Considering all of this, funky colorful bedding is definitely worth a glance.

Patchwork Power

Patchwork quilts aren't always associated with country styles. This bold piece includes small square patches in a rainbow of brightly colored patterns. A quilt like this stands out and serves as a focal point of the room.

Neon Nights

Kids, in particular, have a special affinity for bold neon colors. This children's bedding set is a great example of how to style the room just right. From the bold pink accessories to the minimally decorated yellow sheets and pillow, it's a combination that is both electrifying and playful.

Just a Touch

Witness the difference just a hint of brilliant color can make. On this vibrant setup, the demure stripes are accented by a bold shock of funky hot pink trim!

Modern Funky Colorful Bedding

How's this for funky? You don't have to embrace neon hues to go the colorful route. Try a splash of vibrant brights, like turquoise and kelly green. Paired with white, the effect is outstanding.

Geometric Patterns

A geometric pattern is the ideal foundation for a bright color. The symmetry and balance of the shapes are a great counterpoint to loud hues, like the greens and blues on this sheet set and pillowcase.

Accent Pieces

Accent your bed with colorful throw pillows. This is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of funk to your whole room without changing the entire look.

Throw pillows are available in a rainbow of solid colors, vivid patterns and inspired designs, so there's something to suit every taste and every room's décor.

Understated Funk

Funk and color don't exactly sound calm and serene, but you can set that mood by choosing colors within the same family and straight, clean lines.

The effect is less jarring than a hodgepodge of opposing hues and haphazard prints, and it's a great option for anyone who shies away from overly peppy designs.

Color Changes Everything

Even if the rest of your room is dramatically simple, a shot of color can change everything in an instant.

Don't hesitate to change the pace with a vibrant, striped comforter like this one. Paired with stark white furniture, a natural headboard and a simple carpet, the effect is quite astounding, and bolder than it would be with a solid-colored comforter.

For more color inspiration watch another slideshow on bright yellow bedding.

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Funky Colorful Bedding