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Funky Colorful Bedding

You don't have to be a teenager to love funky bedding, but a theme that features eclectic and fun designs and materials often tops a teen girl's (or even boy's) list when it comes to a bedroom redecorating project. No matter who occupies the room, however, a funky bedroom theme is simple and inexpensive to create.

Choosing Funky Bedding

Funky bedding can run the gamut from tie-died designs to eye-popping color combos. How funky do you want to be? The best way to begin your bedroom makeover is to choose a comforter, bedspread, or bed-in-a-bag set. Work from the colors that make up this item, choosing accessories, paint colors, and other items from specific colors that you really want to focus on.

Choose sheet sets that match or complement your comforter or bedspread. If you don't want to search for separate pieces, consider purchasing an all-in-one bed-in-a-bag set that offers a set of sheets, bed skirt, and maybe even curtains to finish out the look.

Funky Ideas

There are many different ways you can incorporate a funky, cool look into your bedroom. The following are a few suggestions that you can take and make your own.

  • Hippy theme-If you love the hippy look of the 60s, you can't go wrong with a tie-dyed pattern in bright colors, such as neon green, hot pink, yellow, and turquoise. Continue the theme with fringe-tipped curtains and pillows, and throw a brightly colored shag rug on the floor. Accessories could include lava lamps, throw pillows, and candles.
  • Cottage chic-Cottage chic can include funky bedding if you know what to look for and where to look. First, stop off at your local thrift store or browse a flea market for odds and ends, including fabrics and possibly gently used bedding. Retro items can often be found for pennies on the dollar, and you may find that you can decorate your entire bedroom with used, inexpensive items. Look for colors and designs that are unusual, but that can be pulled together to create a room that will make visitors say "Wow!" upon entering.
  • Wild and wondrous-Take the jungle or safari theme to a whole new level with purple zebra bedding and felt paintings on the walls. Add black silk curtains to your windows, and embellish the rest of the room with related accessories.
  • Retro relics-Retro items, like oversized slipper-shaped chairs, huge clocks, and large letters for your walls can turn a dull room into a cool place to hang out. Find funky bedding in unusual materials, like shag or faux fur.
  • Color your world-Pick one bright color and build your room around it. For example, choose a lipstick red color that really pops and splash it on your bedding, throw rugs, pillows and accessories. Add a few accents in bright white and black to really play up the brilliance of the red.

Accessories and Other Ideas

Your bedroom isn't just about the bedding, although that is certainly a good place to start. Spend some time searching for accessories that really add to the funky appearance of the room. Items could be new or used, or you could simply create your own things. Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase a piece of fabric that will coordinate with your bedding, and throw it over an old table to create a sensational new accent piece.
  • Purchase inexpensive canvas, and cover it with material by stapling the excess fabric to the back. Then, hang on the wall for a simple, yet great-looking wall decoration.
  • If you're very artsy, consider painting a mural on one of the walls to match the funky bedding you've chosen.

Remember, creating a funky bedroom is easy to do if you let your imagination soar and think outside the box.

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