Fitted Tablecloths

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If you are looking for a way to dress up a table, you may want to consider a fitted tablecloth. These tablecloths are built to stay secure on your furniture, protecting your table through countless dinner parties. They come in an array of colors and designs sure to suit any décor.

What Are Fitted Tablecloths?

Fitted tablecloths for home use are measured approximately to the size of your table. The manufacturer installs an elastic band around the edges of the fabric so the tablecloth fits securely over the table. Once in place, these tablecloths leave a smooth appearance and stay secure on the table. These are ideal for outdoor patio furniture that is exposed to frequent winds, or indoors for a sleek, fitted look.

Advantages of Secure-FittingTable Coverings

While a traditional-style tablecloth is a beautiful accent to the table, there are some advantages to the fitted type that may make them right for your home or event.

  • A snug-fitting tablecloth can cover an unsightly table more securely then a standard tablecloth.
  • A smooth, well-fitted covering can also provide a sleeker look in the home or at a special occasion such as a wedding.
  • Since the tablecloth is secured through pleats or elastic, there is less risk of it being pulled off the table. In homes with young children, this means that there is no danger of the little ones pulling the edge of the tablecloth (and any items on the table along with it).
  • For large families, this type of table covering is less likely to slip and slide during meal times.
  • The lack of hanging edges makes these cloths wheelchair-friendly
  • Fitted vinyl styles do not need ironong and are easy to care for.

Fitted Tablecloth Styles

Fitted tablecloths come in several varying shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes to match each style of table and décor.

  • Shapes and Sizes: Tablecloths typically come in round, oval, rectangle, or square to match the shape of traditional table furniture. Pre-made tablecloths that are in the fitted style come in standard sizes to fit most basic furniture, such as kitchen tables, dining tables and outdoor patio tables. If you have an unusually large dining room table, or an oddly shaped outdoor table, some manufacturers are happy to design custom-made ones.
  • Spandex: Businesses often use fitted spandex tablecloths to cover rectangular folding tables used to hold product displays and reading material at an expo or conference. The spandex fabric drops to the floor to fit snuggly over the table and cover the unsightly metal legs. You can customize a spandex tablecloth to include a company name, logo or other patterns you desire.
  • Banquet Tablecloths: Banquet tablecloths have a fitted look without the use of elastic. Instead, the tablecloth is tightly sewn with pleated edges to keep it in place .This style often has full length drops to cover the legs of the table and provide a more formal look. Banquet tables are common at weddings, family reunions and business meetings where large tables are needed to hold buffet-style food. .
  • Faux Finishes: Fitted tablecloths with faux finishes are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a damaged or worn table. Faux finishes come in different wood grains, marble patterns, mosaic styles, and other popular table designs. They fit snuggly on the tabletop, with no overhang. You can purchase a faux pattern that matches your table to instantly hide damages, or you can purchase a different finish for your table to give an old or secondhand piece a new life.

Where to Buy

Several websites offer an array of fitted tablecloths. ​Harriet Carter carries thise style of tablecloth with faux finishes. Carol Wright Gifts sells a line of patterned tablecloths, and MVP Visuals carries customizable spandex tablecloths.

Several mail order catalogs that specialize in linens also carry fitted tablecloths. Linen Source issues catalogs several times throughout the year and the company often has a line of tablecloths to choose from.

If you prefer to shop in person, you can find an assortment of tablecloths at major department stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and Kohls. Smaller stores that specialize in linens will also carry fitted tablecloths.

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