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Fingertip towels are bathroom linens that are larger than washcloths, but are smaller than a traditional hand towel. In a formal bathroom design, this type of towel may be an ideal investment.

Uses of Fingertip Towels

Using fingertip towels is uncommon in most households. Many people opt for the larger hand towel for drying hands after washing and washcloths for washing the body. However, they are a useful towel in many instances.

  • Formal Settings: In a formally decorated bathroom, fingertip towels are commonly part of the design and décor of the space. They have long been in use as a proper towel for drying the hands.
  • Smaller Bathrooms: If you have a smaller bathroom, using this type of towel instead of a traditional hand towel is a good idea. You can easily place these towels on the countertop in smaller bathrooms where there is no space for a towel rack.
  • Ornamental Design: Some people prefer this type of towel to others for strictly ornamental reasons. You can find fingertip towels to match most designs within a home bathroom, so coordinating these to other elements in the room is easy. You can also add to your décor by displaying these towels on a shelf.
  • Dinner Parties: Another use for fingertip towels is outside of the bathroom altogether. These towels may be placed alongside dinner plates so your guests can have easy access to finger towels to cleanse their fingertips after eating. This is just one of the ways in which you can use these towels. For example, when the food you are eating requires that you dip it into a bowel, these towels are just the right size for wiping your fingers after each dip.

Buying Fingertip Towels for the Home

Purchasing these towels for use within the home for any of these reasons, is easy enough to do. Many towel manufacturers give you several options. Different patterns, designs and even materials are available. Those towels used within the bathroom are generally thicker than those used in a kitchen. In addition, some fingertip towels used specifically for ornamental purposes are thinner and may be made of a finer quality of material than traditional types for the bathroom.

There are many sources for these towels. When buying them, consider the color, size and patterns available.

Buying Fingertip Towels
  • Cotton Craft: One of the most common reasons to use fingertip towels is to dress up the bathroom for guests. This often occurs during the holidays. The towels available from Cotton Craft allow you to celebrate the festivities of the holiday season while offering guests this formal and ornamental towel.
  • Lenox: It is not just during the holidays that you can use these towels. To dress up any bathroom, consider purchasing finger towels in sets. Sets may come with washcloths, hand towels and bath towels all in matching colors or patterns. These Lenox towels are not sold as a set.
  • Avanti: Avanti towels are formal and modern. These may be used for everyday use or they can easily be used in formal settings. Count on finding a wide range of colors and pattern choices for modern spaces. In this example, you could pair the chocolate brown fingertip towel with a beautiful blue bath towel to match.
  • Christy: These towels do not have to be fancy or expensive, but they should be made of top quality materials. This option by Christy features Egyptian cotton.
  • Aquatico: In addition to the actual finger towels on the market, you can find a wide range of accessories for them. Aquatico offers this four-foot-tall, fingertip-towel stand, ideal for a formal bathroom space. Other options can be placed on top of the countertop within the bathroom, freeing up towel racks.
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