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Finding Extra Wide Shower Curtains

Michelle Radcliff
extra wide shower curtain

While bathtub and showers were once an average size of 5-feet long or smaller, many homes today have larger and custom tubs and showers that may be open on two or more sides. These larger, wider tubs and showers require shower curtains that are wider than average to ensure that no water escapes the area.

Where to Buy Extra Wide Shower Curtains

Depending on the size of your tub or shower enclosure, a ready-made extra wide shower curtain is a quick and easy solution.


Amazon offers dozens of shower curtains and liners in extra wide sizes ranging from 96 to 108 inches wide. Here you can find trendy chevron patterns, neutral earth tones, stripes, solids, and exotic animal prints. Prices range from about $14 up to about $40.


VitaFutura carries a small selection of different shower curtains in sizes up to 94.5 inches in width. Both fabric and vinyl curtains are available, each in a selection of different colors. Selections include:

  • Solid colors: White, blue, gold and more
  • Patterns: Seaside, stripes, fish

Prices start at around $30 for some of the curtains and goes up to about $65 for the larger, heavier materials.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond carries a large selection of extra wide fabric shower curtains and liners measuring up to 108 or 144 inches in width. The curtains come in multiple colors, designs and tone-on-tone patterns. Prices start as low as $17 and go up to $160.

Custom Shower Curtains

If your tub or shower is a unique size, or you want a print or fabric not available at most retailers, consider having a custom curtain made. You can purchase the material of your choice and either make them yourself or have them made to your exact dimensions.

Gary Manufacturing

Gary Manufacturing produces custom commercial shower curtains in any width or length. They carry both fabric and vinyl in a variety of colors and prints and will make the shower curtain to your exact specifications. Choices for materials include:

  • Nylon and textured nylon
  • PVC film
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Vinyl

They will give a price quote over the phone or online once you have your measurements. This would be a good option for small to large business owners in the hospitality industry.

Bradfords of Tampa

Bradfords of Tampa specializes in making extra-long and extra-wide shower curtains for residential applications. A handy measuring guide posted on the site helps you get the sizing correct. Their curtains come in a variety of different materials including:

  • Eco-friendly cotton blended with recycled polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl

Each of their curtain materials is available in a limited number of colors and prints. Contact them with your measurements for pricing.

Fashion Window Treatments

Fashion Window Treatments offers standard sized shower curtains up to 100 inches wide but will also take custom orders for any size shower curtain. They offer a very large selection of fabric choices with a small sample including;

  • Chic trellis designs
  • Upscale floral patterns
  • Colorful plaids and stripes
  • Solids in every color

Be sure to specify grommets if you want them, otherwise the curtain will come with buttonholes. You must call the company to place a custom order wider than 100 inches.

Complete Your Bathroom

No matter what type of tub or shower enclosure you end up with in your bathroom, you'll find plenty of options to help you complete the look with an attractive shower curtain that fits the space. If you can't find the right ready-made product, then you can order a custom option to personalize your bathroom.

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Finding Extra Wide Shower Curtains