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Egyptian Comfort sheets are a brand of microfiber sheets that are primarily available wholesale. Although the name brand includes the word 'Egyptian,' these sheets are not made from Egyptian cotton, but are actually made from synthetic microfiber.

About Egyptian Comfort Sheets

The Egyptian Comfort brand offers several types of sheet sets in twin, queen, and king sizes. The styles include:

  • Signature 1000 Series
  • Damask Stripe 1000 Series
  • Embroidered Classic 1200 Series

The sheet sets include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and one to four pillowcases, depending on the size. (Twin sets come with only one pillowcase).

The sheets are made from 100% synthetic microfiber with a sateen finish. A range of colors is available, including white, off white, brown, red, lavender, and shades of blue, beige, and green. The fit can accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

Where to Purchase


This brand of sheets is sold at several wholesale stores, where cases of s may be purchased for resale. Some wholesalers also allow retail purchases of the sheets.The following wholesale distributors carry Egyptian Comfort brand sheets:

  • Country Club Products: This wholesale-direct-to-the-public vendor specializes in sheets. The minimum bulk order is 12 sheet sets.
  • Royal Bliss Linens: This wholesaler and retailer of bed linens, t-shirts, and towels sells the 1000 Series Egyptian Comfort brand sheets wholesale only, but the 1200 series is available for retail purchase.

Retail and Individual Sales

Egyptian Comfort brand linens are available on auction sites and private sales vendors such as eBay and Domestic Sale. You can also purchase them at the following online stores:

  • GearXS: This retailer sells Rafael Collection® 1600TC Egyptian Comfort™ Luxury Sheet Sets in 12 colors.
  • The Sheet People - Here you'll find Egyptian Comfort brand sheet in 12 colors and sizes run from twin through California King.

If you would like to see what other customers are saying about Egyptian Comfort, you can read customer reviews at Viewpoint.

Egyptian Cotton Vs. Microfiber Sheets

Many high-end luxury bed linens are made from Egyptian cotton, but brands such as Egyptian Comfort are now making microfiber sheets as an alternative.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is an extra long staple cotton that grows along the fertile, rich soil of the Nile river in Egypt. These long cotton staples or fibers are twice the length of ordinary cotton fibers. This means the cotton fibers can be spun into very fine yarns that are unusually strong while feeling very soft. Longer, thinner cotton fibers make thinner cotton thread. Thinner cotton thread results in a higher thread count. Thread count is the number of individual threads per square inch of material.

Egyptian cotton sheets are slightly stiff when they are brand new. However, with each wash, the sheets get softer and softer. The sheets actually improve with age. This type of cotton produces almost no lint so the sheets won't pill. When properly cared for, these sheets can last for decades.

The only disadvantage of buying real Egyptian cotton sheets is the price. These luxury sheets can get quite costly, especially with a high thread count. Microfiber sheets are an alternative.

About Microfiber

A microfiber is a synthetic fiber that measures less than one denier. A denier is a unit of measurement for the linear mass density of fibers. A single strand of silk is one denier. Microfiber is finer than silk.

Polyester and nylon are the most common polymers used to create microfiber textiles. Microfiber fabrics have desirable properties like breathing ability, stain resistance, wrinkle resistance, easy cleaning, and luxurious appearance. Tightly woven microfiber material has strength and durability.

Benefits of Microfiber Sheets

If you suffer from allergies, microfiber sheets can help you rest better because allergens like pollen granules and dust mites can't get entangled in the tiny microfiber strands.Microfiber sheets are considered environmentally friendly. They can even be made out of recycled plastic and the sheets are recyclable. Cotton, in comparison, takes a lot of water to grow. Many pesticides are used to successfully grow cotton that cause serious pollution and the land needed has to be clear cut.

Finally, microfiber sheets are less expensive than high-quality, cotton sheets. You can get a high-thread count and soft luxury feel for less money.

Although Egyptian cotton is still the most desirable material for luxury bedding, alternatives such as microfiber offer more choices for today's consumer. Those interested in Egyptian Comfort sheets should verify that they are purchasing from a reputable seller and check the return policy prior to buying.

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