Decorating With Double Swag Shower Curtains

double swag shower curtain

Give your bathroom a sophisticated and romantic flair with double swag shower curtains. This design will transform any bathroom making the shower a centerpiece and design focal point.

Anatomy of Double Swag Curtains

Double Swag Shower Curtain
Double Swag Shower Curtain

The goal of this style is to replicate the elegant look of Victorian window draperies. When tied back, the curtain side panels create that iconic swag look. This design consists of three components: a short valance (often attached), two side curtains with tie backs, and a vinyl liner.

Decorative Focal Point

This curtain style frames the shower/tub to create a decorative focal point. You can find this shower curtain style in a wide variety of fabrics. Regardless which style you choose, double swag curtains make a big visual impact for your bathroom decor.

  • Lace curtains lend a romantic touch to a bathroom.
  • Linen or gauze curtains create a spa ambiance.
  • Patterned fabrics like plaids, stripes, or florals have a welcoming and warm appeal.

Shower Curtain Rod and Tie Back Hooks

You have several options when shopping for a double swag shower rod. You can opt for a curved rod attached to the wall or a simple tension style.

  • An attached valance shower curtain can be constructed with a pocket design, similar to a window curtain. This requires a pocket rod. The gathered effect of the curtain fabric creates a drapery look.
  • An attached valance curtain grommet style is a popular choice. The hooks for this curtain can also support a shower liner if you prefer to use only one rod. If you use this design, be aware that the shower liner won't be able to glide.
  • Separate valances can be supported with a single valance rod or a valance and curtain rod duo.
Bennington Adjustable Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod
Bennington Adjustable Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod
  • Shower liners are usually supported by a shower rod mounted directly behind the pocket rod. The shower liner features grommet holes for the shower hooks to attach; this allows the curtain to glide along the rod while the double swag curtains remain stationary. This installation allows for the replacement of a shower liner when needed.
  • You may prefer a double curved rod: one for the valance and swag curtains and one for the shower liner.
  • Tie back hooks or holders are a must; this ensures the swag curtains stay in place. Adhesive-back hooks are popular choices as well as hooks/holders attached to the wall.

Decorating Tips

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when designing a formal bathroom. These include:

  • Most shower curtains are packaged, so you may need to iron out the wrinkles before hanging.
  • Many companies offer fabric swatches for higher-end curtains. This is helpful since fabric colors displayed on a computer monitor may not be accurate.
  • Purchase towels and accessories to match the shower curtain.
  • Many companies offer matching window curtains that are sold separately. This will give a cohesive design to your bathroom.
  • Some curtains can be used with curved shower rods. This is typically indicated on the packaging.

Shopping Choices

Lauren Double Swag Fabric Shower Curtain
Lauren Double Swag Fabric Shower Curtain

You'll find a few double swag curtains in your local home store or department store, but you may discover that the best choices are online. The following stores offer lovely options for shower curtains with a double swag:

  • Shower Curtains Outlet features several unique shower curtain patterns - even palm trees - as well as fabric covered hooks. Price: around $20 to $54.
  • Sears offers several brand name double swag shower curtains like Ben and Jonah and Carnation Home Fashions. The curtain includes tie backs, tie back hooks, and vinyl liner. Matching window curtains are also available. Price: around $25 to $60.
  • Amazon has one of the largest selections of double swag shower curtains online. The easiest way to find them is through a keyword search on the site. Some sets include the shower hooks as well as the liner. Price: around $12 to $70+.
  • Walmart has several double swag shower curtains in a variety of solid colors. Many include matching liners as well as the shower curtain hooks. Price: around $18 to $53.
  • Brown's Linens offers several ruffled swag shower curtain sets that include a matching liner in dot and mosaic patterned fabrics. Some sets include shower hooks. Price: around $18 to $24.
  • Closeout Linens has several solid color choices for shower curtains with matching window curtains and sink drape available. Price: around $20.

A Simple Solution for an Elegant Bathroom

A double swag shower curtain adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Add a matching pair of window curtains, several color coordinated towels, and other accessories for a stunning designer look.

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Decorating With Double Swag Shower Curtains