Discount Drapes

Discount drapes save you money.

Discount drapes can help you work with a tight budget when decorating your home.

Budget Concerns

Saving money is a good feeling. Even if you don't have to work within a budget, discount drapes can save you money that you can put on other furnishings for your home. Shopping for discount drapes means you'll need to spend time comparing prices.

Things to Consider

There are four basic considerations when shopping for discount draperies.

Compare the Same Product

This sounds very simple, but sometimes it's easy to miss that one product you're viewing is damaged, second quality or an off-color dye lot. Usually the store will have this clearly marked on the product or the website will have a notation regarding the discount if it's due to one of these things.

Discount Drapes Packaging

Sometimes the reason items are on sale is due to incorrect packaging. The seller will have this marked on the package, so make sure you check out the packaging. An 84" length drapery might have been packaged in a 108" length bag or vice versa and the lot remanded to the discount section of the store or website. Another common packaging error is the wrong product in the wrong packaging. Make certain you examine the drapery to verify it is the product depicted on the packaging.

Return Policy: All Sales Are Final

Make sure there's a fair return policy in place before you place your order or make your in-store purchase. Many times sale items or discounted items are not returnable. Make sure when you buy discount drapes that the store policy isn't an all sales are final. If this is the store policy and you're certain the draperies are what you want, then by all means take advantage of the steep savings.

Discontinued Patterns

You can luck out on some great savings when purchasing discontinued patterns. Manufacturers are eager to get rid of the stock and discount stores are able to pass on the savings to you. There are a few things to consider before purchasing discontinued patterns.

Check Lot Numbers

  • Make sure the lot numbers on the discount drapes you're purchasing are the same. While most items are sold in lot numbers, sometimes steeply discounted items, especially discounted ones are sold in mixed lots.

Purchase at One Time

  • Purchase what you need at one time. This sounds simple, but sometimes you may only find a set of drapes without the valances and decide you'll try to find the valances somewhere else because the draperies are such a good deal. There is the risk that you won't be able to locate matching valances or when you do, the color lots don't match. If you are confident you can find the missing valances, then it's a great way to save money. Another concern is wear and tear.

Need to Purchase Extra Sets

  • If you're passionate about the draperies and know you might be moving within a year or more, you may find it best to buy an extra set or two in case your new bedroom has more windows. Otherwise, you risk having only half a room of draperies.
  • If it's going to be several years before you move yet purchase the additional sets, be mindful that the drapery colors will fade due to normal sunlight and aging. This means when you hang the extra sets there could be a slight to significant color difference. In this instance, you may opt not to purchase the additional sets.


  • Irregulars used to be called seconds. It simply means that something is off.
  • It could be as simple as the wrong material was used for the pattern or the wrong fringe or tassels were used in the manufacturing process.
  • Another thing that could cause the labeling of irregular could be that the actual sewing and construction of the drapery is not exact.
  • The hem might be uneven.
  • The rod pocket may be too narrow, sewn together, or uneven top hem line.
  • Same material tie backs might be missing.
  • Panel patterns may not match when draperies are hung up.

Finding Online Sources

There are many online stores that sell discount drapes. If you take time to browse through the website and clearly understand what you're purchasing, you can take advantage of the savings and have the look you desire for your home.

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