Designer Bedspreads

Boutique-style designer bedspread

Your bed is the main focal point of your bedroom and a designer bedspread can help it become an elegant, decorative centerpiece.

Differences Between Comforters and Bedspreads

There are differences between comforters and bedspreads. A bedspread is usually a more formal bed covering. Comforters are typically thicker than bedspreads and remain on the bed during sleep time as the main source of comfort and warmth. While a bedspread can also be used as a blanket, it's commonly used as a decorative cover. A separate blanket is often found between the bedspread and the top sheet, such as used in hotels. The blanket is used for extra warmth instead of the bedspread.

Most bedspreads also reach all the way to the floor and often have extra length to completely cover the bed pillows with what's called a pillow fold (method for making bed, using bedspread to cover pillows). Typically, comforters only fall about half-way from the edge of the bed to the floor, making it necessary to use a dust ruffle on the bottom part of the bed for complete coverage.

Styles and Designs

When looking for a designer bedspread for your room, the first thing to consider is the style of bedspread you want. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • What is the design theme of the bedroom?
  • What types of fabrics do you want?
  • What should the dominant colors be?
  • What size do you need?

Some homes have the same design theme for the entire house such as a rustic style for a log home. However, many homes also have different decorating styles for other rooms, especially bedrooms. Bedroom decor is often a matter of personal taste. Each family member's bedroom is a personal space to express his or her creative decorating style.

When choosing bedspread colors, try to compliment or contrast with the colors used in the bedroom. The fabric also plays a significant role in the appearance of the bedspread. Luxury designer bedspreads are often made from silk, satin, chenille, and polyester blends.

Make sure you buy the correct size of bedspread to fit your bed. This may seem obvious, however there can be some confusion between full and queen, twin and twin extra long, or king and California king sizes. A mattress size guide can help you determine your bed size.


Designer bedspreads can be found in a wide array of styles including:

  • Asian
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Cottage chic
  • Southwestern

Designer bedspreads can be embroidered or embellished with different ornamental designs or materials, such as small, reflective mirrors.


The appearance of the bedspread and the way it fits on the bed is determined by the design of the bedspread or how it's made. The design styles for bedspreads include:

  • A fitted or semi-fitted bedspread has a slit in the corners of the bedspread at the foot of the bed on either side. This type of bedspread hugs the bed tightly, giving the bed a rectangular appearance.
  • Quilted bedspreads have quilted stitching and drape to the floor.
  • Gathered bedspreads have a ruffled skirt that borders both sides and the foot of the bedspread. The skirt reaches all the way to the floor.
  • A throw bedspread doesn't have slits or a skirt. This bedspread design style does not require a dust ruffle can be draped to the floor.

Caring for a Designer Bedspread

Do you want a machine washable bedspread or one that has to be dry cleaned? The type of fabric and the construction of the bedspread usually determine how you need to clean and care for it.

Fabric choice is also important and should be determined by your lifestyle and how your bedspread will be used. If you have small children or pets that frequently visit your bedroom, a silk or satin bedspread might not be the best choice. This type of material easily snags, especially with a dog's paws or cat's claws. A durable cotton chenille or polyester fabric would be a better choice.

Where to Buy

Once you have a general style and design in mind, the fun begins with shopping for your new bedspread. Here are some great online resources to browse for designer bedspreads:

A designer bedspread that has enough length for a pillow fold looks elegant and classy on a bed by itself. You can dress it up even more by adding accessories such as pillow shams and extra decorative throw pillows.

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