Denim Bedding

Denim and floral bedding

Casual, comfortable, and goes with just about anything - this might describe your favorite jeans, or - it just might describe the informal feel of some great denim bedding.

Choosing Denim Bedding

Denim comforters and bedding have many appealing aspects. You might choose this type of bed set for a variety of reasons. The fresh and casual appeal of denim is perfect for tweens, teens, and college students who want something that's a step up from more juvenile bedding, but has just the right feel of relaxation and fun. Denim is also a great bedding material for those who have a casual approach to interior design, or want an informal decorating scheme for their bedroom.

On the practical side, many choose denim bedding because of it's durability - most types of denim stand up to everyday wear and tear quite well, and there is less worry over the care of denim than in other types bedding, such as specialty or luxury bedding. Need more reasons for choosing denim to don your bed? Many styles are very affordable, and do not have the high price tag of materials such as silk, for example.

Types Denim Bedding

When referring to denim bedding, not all the items in a bed set will be denim. While it's a great choice for its durability, practicality, and look, denim is not used alone as a material for sheets. Denim twill is a mixed fabric that is soft and durable for a denim set. Other denim bedding items may also be mixed with other fabrics for comfort and style.

You'll find comforters and bedspreads, bed skirts, accent pillows, and sometimes pillow shams, all made from denim. Many denim sets come with bedspreads, comforters, or duvets and sheet sets n coordinating colors. You can also find items available separately and easily choose the individual bedding items that work with your style.

Denim bedding is available in a range of sizes. There is ample variety in twin, queen, full, and king sizes. Limited selections are also available in toddler and baby bedding as well.


When you shop for jeans, you notice many different denim shades. Shopping for denim bedding is no different - you'll find plenty of variety in the denim colors, shades, and washes. Common denim colors for bedding include:

  • Classic blue denim
  • Dark denim
  • Indigo denim
  • Red denim
  • White denim
  • Black denim
  • Yellow denim
  • Khaki colored denim
  • Combination denim colors or stripes
  • Denim mixed with other fabrics (such as striped cotton or plaid flannel)
  • Colorful denim patchwork

Denim Washes and Softness

Denim twill sheet sets are very soft, but there is variation in denim comforters, bedspreads, and bedding accents. Some styles offer a crisp denim, while others feature a softer denim that feels like a favorite pair of broken in jeans. The softer styles with a more broken-in feel often have the most casual looks. Crisper, darker denim bedding has a slightly more formal, yet still relaxed, feel.


Styles in denim bedding range from sporty to chic. You'll find:

  • Denim bed sets with professional sports team logos
  • Denim with general sports themes (such as baseball)
  • Country denim patchwork styles
  • Solid denim comforters or duvets
  • Denim with unique stitching patterns
  • Blue and white striped denim
  • Mixed colors in various striped denim designs
  • Modern black and white or grey denim designs
  • Western or southwest denim styles

Where to Buy

You can purchase denim bed sets or individual bedding items at department stores, through bedding catalogs, and online shopping. Some places to consider your search for this cool, classic bedding include:

  • Blanket Warehouse: This store has several types of denim bed sets, including classic looks, daybed and bunkbed comforters, and dark denim sets with zebra or striped undersides and accents.
  • Specialty Linens: Classy solid color denim comforter and matching bedding in true blue, indigo, or black in a variety or sizes.

Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger both include denim styles in their bedding collections, as well, available online and at department stores.

Notes on Denim Bedding Shopping

When shopping for denim bed sets, consider whether it's a denim color or the actual cotton denim material you are looking for. Many bedding items have denim in their description, but the materials may be microfiber or another material, and denim is only being used to describe the color.

Classic, casual and comfortable, when it comes to denim, you can enjoy this fresh, relaxed look in your bedroom as well as on your body. Choose denim colors and styles that reflect your personality, whether it's sports fan or casual chic, and you'll have the perfect bedroom retreat.

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