Daybed Comforter Sets

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With the variety of daybed comforter sets on the market today, you can change the look and function of your daybed in just a few moments.

Daybed vs. Twin Bed

Why would you want a daybed as opposed to a twin bed? Probably the most compelling reason for choosing a daybed is its functionality. Daybeds are often purchased for their versatility. While they serve as a traditional bed at night, during the day they become a stylish seating option. College students love them for their ability to serve a dual purpose as do small efficiency apartment occupants. A daybed can easily be turned into a comfy couch with the addition of a few throw pillows, but you still want to choose a comforter set that is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable if you plan on using your daybed as a seating area as well.

Daybed Linens

What linens are traditionally used on a daybed?

  • Sheets-Obviously, you'll need to purchase a sheet set. The majority of daybeds accommodate a twin-size mattress, and thus, you'll need to purchase twin-size sheets.
  • Dust ruffle-A dust ruffle is optional, but many daybed comforter sets include them.
  • Comforter or bedspread-Durable comforters can come in a variety of materials, including denim, corduroy, and chenille.
  • Daybed Cover-Some people really want to disguise the look of a daybed when company arrives, and daybed covers make this possible. A cover usually has only a front and two sides to it as opposed to a comforter set, which has four sides. Daybed covers look more like couch slipcovers, and you can remove them easily and when needed.
  • Pillowcases-The comforter set you purchase may only come with one large pillowcase to use when sleeping, or you may buy a set that contains two or three standard-size pillow cases or shams that can be used along the back rail of the daybed when it is used as seating.
  • Throw pillows-To lend a more authentic "couch" look to the daybed, add some strategically placed coordinating throw pillows.

Choosing Daybed Comforter Sets

When it comes to choosing daybed comforter sets, one size doesn't automatically fit all. While of course the appearance of the comforter set you choose is important, construction is also significant. Although daybeds don't use box springs, they are constructed with the use of a link spring, which holds the sides and back of the bed together and forms the support for the mattress. With this in mind, consider the following as you search for the perfect comforter set for your daybed.

  • Split corners-This is probably the most important feature you should consider. Be sure that the corners of your comforter are split to fit the daybed frame. This is also why you shouldn't purchase a twin comforter set for your daybed.
  • Style-Where will your daybed be placed? Choose a daybed that matches the style in the rest of the room. For a living area, choose durable materials that work well with the other furniture and accessories.
  • Material-If you plan on using a daybed cover during the day and the comforter set at night, then you don't have to focus on durability as much as aesthetics. However, if you plan on using the same comforter day and night, look for materials that will hold up to multiple uses. It's also important to remember that some comforter sets must be dry cleaned while others can be tossed into the washer and dryer. If allergies are a problem, then steer clear of down-filled comforters as well.

Finally, before you purchase a comforter set for your daybed, check your local department stores and online at sites like, as well as bedspread catalogs.

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Daybed Comforter Sets