Croscill Bedding

Croscill Hibiscus Comforter Set
Croscill Hibiscus Comforter Set

Croscill bedding has a proven track record as an innovative design company.

Croscill Bedding Opens for Business

Croscill's first product offered in 1946 was called the Croscilla, which was based on a popular window treatment known as the Priscilla valance and curtain. The Croscilla rocked the home décor world because it took this window treatment concept to the next level. The Croscilla design was similar to the popular Priscilla, but had a custom look because the valance had more material, enough in fact, that it covered the entire window as well as hiding the rod. This gave the valance a genuine elegant look. By adding more fabric to the overall construction of the Croscilla, the overall appearance reeked of luxury. The general public that couldn't afford to pay for custom designed valances and curtains were thrilled to be able to purchase this new concept of elegance in a ready-made window treatment. Croscill had a hit and it was just the beginning of how this company's creative changes and designs helped to shape the current home furnishings industry.

Croscill, a Name Synonymous with Quality

It's one thing to create a new look to an old product, but if this isn't coupled with quality, you won't have a successful product or business. As another part of the concept of Croscill's first window treatment, the Croscilla, quality was the determining factor of the and product's success. Croscill quickly became known as a company that produced quality luxurious products and had new concepts and fresh twists on age-old designs.

Birth of a Trendsetter

Croscill quickly became a trendsetter in the home furnishings industry. The company's attention to detail in each of its subsequent designs instilled confidence in buyers.

Croscill Jumps Into Bedding

It wasn't until the 1960s that Croscill moved into the bedding market. The company launched this division with what quickly became another popular and industry standard with its Arsenic and Old Lace comforter design.

To give you an idea just how innovative Croscill was in this new bedding style, you first need to look at the past designs of the now very popular comforter. Prior to Croscill's design, the comforter was manufactured more or less as a plain, utilitarian bedding cover. There was very little choice in style or color or even fabric. Like it had done with the introduction of the Croscilla, Croscill bedding seized the opportunity to take this rather plain and unimaginative bedcover and push the envelope with its design. The result was an elegant, luxurious and high-style form of bedding comforter. This was just the beginning of the innovations Croscill bedding brought to this side of the design market.

Croscill's Concept of Total Room Coordination

The company took a page out of its own book when it had created the mix and match kitchen curtain tiers, years earlier and applied this concept to the bedroom. The end result was that in the 1970s and 1980s, Croscill bedding once more became a trendsetter by introducing the total room coordination. This was the next level of the matching of fabrics. This style went beyond simply matching draperies and bedding, to including [[designer pillows, coordinated lamps, matching wallpaper, and to even creating coordinating basic drawer pulls and curtain hardware that would unify the entire room décor.

It was a brilliant concept and one that once more quickly became the industry standard. Croscill continued to keep its eye on quality control and emerged the new leader in bedding just as it had in window treatments.

Distinct Bedding Collections and Continuous Innovations

When you purchase Croscill bedding, you know the quality will be built in to the extraordinary designs. Rich colorful luxurious fabrics like velvets, tapestries, silks, and other fine materials are chosen and embellishments such as roped edging, tassels and rope fringe are just some of the many details that separate Croscill products from their competition.

It's this attention to detail that has won Croscill its place in the home furnishings industry. Customers know they can rely upon getting high quality whenever they purchase Croscill bedding. It's this customer confidence and satisfaction that has continued to keep Croscill in the upper end of the industry.

Sheets and Bedding Linens

It's not surprising that you'll find great coordinating linens to go with your Croscill comforter, quilt or bedspread. You can be assured of fine craftsmanship in the sewing and construction of the sheets and that the colors and patterns will blend in with the other components of your bedding set.

Finding Croscill Retailers

You can purchase Croscill bedding at many brick and mortar stores or online shops. You can readily recognize this brand by its distinct look.

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