Cow Print Bedding

Cow print bedding

Cow print bedding is a fun way to add personality to your bedroom decor. You don't have to be a cowgirl to "udderly" adore the striking patterns you can find in this style of animal print. Cow print style accessories and bedding can be for adults, teens, kids and babies.

Types of Cow Print Bedding

If you search for cow print bedding, what you will commonly find is a white background with irregular black or brown spots. However, you might also find a print that has different types of cartoon cows on it. There is a variety of bedding items that you can find with a cow print pattern:

You might be able to find a cow print quilt but this seems to be a harder bedding item to find with this pattern. Baby quilts or kids' quilts are more likely to display some type of cow image or print.

Real or Fake

Real fur cow print

While the pattern for most cow print fabric is inspired by the popular Holstein cow, the materials used to make the majority of bedding that looks like cowhide, are simply dyed synthetic fabrics. It is a matter of individual choice whether you buy bedding and accessories that resemble real cowhide or buy products actually made from real cowhide. You can find custom furniture like chairs and sofas that are upholstered with real cowhide as well as cowhide rugs and pillows. Keep in mind that most bedding with cow print is cruelty-free because it is inspired by real cows but is not made from their skins. In addition, the process for tanning real cowhide is expensive which will drive up the costs of your pieces.

Colors and Accessories that Match

Doing a bedroom theme with cow print means you have a lot of options when it comes to colors and accessories that will match or add contrast. Since the base colors for cow print are black or brown and white, almost any other bright, solid color will contrast with these neutral colors. Sometimes you can even mix other animal prints such as zebra and giraffe with cow print.

Cows have become adorable to many people who see them more as cute, cuddly pets rather than farm animals or livestock. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cow-themed collectibles. Starting with the windows, you can add a cow print valance or curtains. There are also cow drawer knobs, cow light switchplates, cow night-lights, stuffed animal cows, cow figurines, cow wall decor and much more.

Cow Style

You might think cow print would only appeal to a rustic or western style of decor but actually it is easy to incorporate cow print with many decor styles including modern and contemporary. The type of cow print that has cute cartoon character cows is great for a kid's room.

Obviously, cow print appeals to animal lovers, as most animal prints do. Animal lovers young and old alike can decorate their rooms using cow print fabrics without harming a single hair on any cow.

Buying Cow Prints

Cow print bedding and accessories are sold in many retail stores; however, some stores might not carry cow print all the time. Your best bet is to go online and do your own search for bedding and other decor that come in cow print. This can save you time by narrowing down what stores currently have it in stock and which type of cow print they carry, such as white with black spots, white with brown spots or cartoon character cows. The following online retailers would be a good place to start your search. These links give examples of their bedding items with cow print; however, many of them have multiple items with this design so be sure to look around each site carefully. Using the site's search box to type in specific key words like "cow print comforters" will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Make Your Own

If you can't seem to find what you want with bedding or accessories in cow print, you can look for cow print fabric and make your own cow print creations. Check with your local fabric stores or try the following online fabric retailers.

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