Cottage Chic Bedding

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If you're looking for sophisticated style and comfort combined with relaxed romance in your bedroom, cottage chic bedding is definitely for you.

What Is Cottage Chic

Cottage chic décor is defined by furnishings and accessories that show a certain amount of wear and tear, or are distressed to give them a vintage look. It is simple, elegant, and speaks of a time-worn elegance. Upholstered seating with loose slipcovers, whitewashed furniture, and vintage accessories are some of the defining characteristics of the look. Cottage chic is very similar to what has long been known as cottage style or country farmhouse. While cottage chic looks weathered and timeworn, it is anything but careless. Creating this look is about creating soft, elegant comfort.

Characteristics of Cottage Chic Bedding


Common colors are soft, muted pinks, greens, yellows, light blues, and most of all, various shades of white. There is no place for strong jewel tones or shades of black and charcoal in this decorating style. Colors should always have a faded appearance.


Cottage chic fabrics are always soft and pretty. Cottons, linens, chintzes, and poplins create a warm and inviting cocoon. It should look and feel so comfortable that you never want to get out of bed.


Along with window treatments and upholstery, bedding is a great place to add patterns in cottage chic decor. Keep in mind that bold patterns will look out of place. Stick with small florals, soft stripes, and other pretty, elegant patterns. Keep it delicate and it will suit the style.

Elements of Bedding

cottage chic bedding

Cottage chic bedding is more than just using a vintage-looking bedspread. It's important to complete the entire look. You want it to look inviting, so use plush duvets and comforters, and lots of cushy pillows. Bed skirts with ruffles, and pleated fabrics will enhance the look. Keep in mind not to go overboard. While cottage chic is about lush comfort, it is also about simple practicality.

Purchasing Bedding

Knowing the characteristics of the look will help you when purchasing this style of bedding. Most department stores carry lines that suit this look. There are also plenty of online stores that carry cottage chic style bedding.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for you can purchase cottage chic-style fabrics and make your own bedding. Fabrics can also be used for curtains, slipcovers, pillows, and lampshades. Remember that it's about more than just the bedding. Add in some furniture and accent pieces in the cottage chic design to complete the sophisticated look of the bedroom with the matching bedding.

Questions to ask Yourself Before Purchasing

Before purchasing bedding to fit the cottage chic style ask yourself a few questions.

  • Does it look comfortable and inviting?
  • Is it romantic?
  • Does it feel soft?
  • Are the colors faded and worn-looking?
  • Does it have similarities to Cottage style and French Country style?
  • Does it look like something your Grandmother might have put on the bed?

If you answer yes to all of these questions you're definitely on the right track.

Why Choose Cottage Chic

The plush warmth and understated elegance of cottage chic bedding doesn't just look good, it promises the relaxed comfort of a good night's sleep. There's a reason cottage chic is so popular. When you sleep in a bed piled high with comfy cottage chic style, you'll never want to get out. If you like the idea of cottage chic, but you don't want your whole home to be decorated in the style, then save it for your bedroom. It's comfortable, cozy, and gives your bedroom a feminine, romantic feel.

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