Cool Shower Curtain Ideas

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Go Beyond Store Bought Curtains

A shower curtain is a large canvas in your bathroom that should be considered when designing this space. While you can find almost anything online with unique prints and patterns, these unusual ideas will tickle your DIY bone and have friends and family saying, "That's a cool idea!"

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Grain Sack Shower Curtain
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If you have a great idea of your own then why not do-it-yourself like founder of The Cozy Old Farmhouse did with this grain sack shower curtain. She used a painter's drop cloth for the curtain then found an image she liked online and personalized it. She projected the image from a homemade projector onto the curtain, traced the design with a pencil and later painted it in. She added grommets to hang up the curtain along with a liner behind it. There you have it - a custom-made grain sack shower curtain.

Patchwork Quilt Style
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While you can purchase these patchwork shower curtains online, nothing compares to having your own custom curtain for your shower. To create this look find quilt fabric squares in the color and patterns you like along with a solid cotton fabric for your border and backing. Sew it together like a quilt, add a border, and mark positions for buttonholes or ½-inch grommets by using holes from a plastic shower curtain liner as a guide for spacing. Hang up the curtain with the liner behind it to protect the quilt from water.

Long Chain Shower Curtain Hooks
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A simple idea that will add class and elegance to your shower curtain is this long chain from Sellentin True Design Build. They used a variety of shower curtain hooks from IKEA and linked 6 -8 of them together to create this fun, long shower curtain chain. Use chains hooked together to tie back double shower curtains, too. It's an easy, stylish décor idea you can use in your chic bathroom.

DIY Ruffle Wave
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Add a sweet touch to a little girl's bathroom or cottage style design with this DIY ruffle wave idea by Create/Enjoy. This lovely curtain created with recycled muslin and white cotton shower curtain is a snap for a seamstress. If you want to add more character or color, use a light pastel shade such as baby blue, pink or violet for the shower curtain and pieces of plaid or flower-type pattern for the ruffles. Either way, you'll create a rare shower curtain that will add nice touch to your bathroom décor.

Rustic Valance
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Besides crown molding, a valance is another option to add elegance and hide shower curtain rods and hooks. Adding a rustic, wooden valance as Anita Joyce at Cedar Hill Farmhouse did, is a cool solution for a country cottage design. This salvaged barn wood valance paired with a claw bathtub adds so much charm and character to this bathroom.

Note that hanging up the rustic valance is a two person job that requires a piece of refurbished wood, drill, and tape measure.

DIY Stencil Design
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Perhaps you can't find a pattern you like or just can't stomach spending more money on the one you did find. Then stencil your own, unique pattern by using this great DIY project from Attic Lace. Find the pattern online or create your own, print it out on card stock, cut it out than measure out the distance between each pattern, taping it off with painter's tape. This project used a blue Sharpie to color in the anchor pattern on a clear shower curtain liner but you can use acrylic paint and any color shower curtain for a similar affect.

Roller Shade Shower Curtain

Instead of a curtain, try a roller shade. This unique idea will add some texture to your bathroom but it's also a nice touch if designing a modern or Asian-inspired concept. To keep the roller shade from mildew, add a clear shower curtain liner behind it and roll it up with the shade or tuck it away to one side when not in use.

Tie Dye Curtain
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Looking for a fun, psychedelic look for your bathroom or for a child or teen. This tie dye shower curtain can be purchased online by clicking the Buy Now button on the image, but it's a lot more fun to create one your self with a white cotton shower curtain. Purchase the materials needed for tie dying and follow the same instructions you would use to tie dye a shirt. Make a spiral, random, or even heart-shaped design. Let it dry completely then hang it up.

Make a Statement
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Do you have a favorite quote or saying? Then bring it to life on your shower curtain - you don't have to purchase this one if you can make your own! Simply type your statement in a word processing program and print off the letters in a variety of large, bold fonts like "Function Bold" or "Lucinda Handwriting." Purchase a cotton shower curtain and choose an acrylic paint or permenant marker color(s) to your liking then trace the letters on the shower curtain.

Beaded Shower Curtain

A beaded shower curtain will add some glitter to a drab, modern bathroom. It's simple to do; all you need is a beaded curtain that you can purchase online at or any other retail shop along with a plain white shower curtain liner. Thread the beaded curtain and liner through the same curtain rings then hang it from a rod and that's it: a fun, Boho shower curtain idea.

Ideas Are Limitless

If you have a flair for illustration then create your own pattern and repeat it on a shower curtain. This pattern can be transferred on a cotton shower curtain with acrylic paint or permanent marker. Also you can search for artwork or drawings online, such as this one, and print them off to create a stencil.

These nifty shower curtain ideas will have your bathroom looking fun and stunning. Have a blast creating your own version and don't forget to do your research for bathroom photos and inspiration to find the perfect shower curtain.

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