Colorful Kitchen Curtains

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Cheery chefs

Colorful kitchen curtains are a great way to add color to your kitchen. You can transfer a plain kitchen into one vibrant with color and texture.

Decide on Color and Style

The first thing you need to consider is the curtain style you want to use in your kitchen. You may be surprised once you start looking that there are several different curtain styles to give distinct looks. Many are plain while others have lace and ribbons.

Color For Your Kitchen

Drapery color can either tie all of the design elements in your kitchen together or ruin an otherwise great décor. While many kitchen windows include a smaller window over a sink and a possible double window or two in a breakfast nook, the kind of window treatment you add is important.

Opting for colorful curtains means you can add not just a pattern and color, but interest from the choice of curtain style. Keep in mind when you decide on a style for your kitchen curtains that the colors and pattern are equally vital to an effective interior design.

Colorful Kitchen Curtains: Valances, Swags and Tiers

You may want to purchase a valance and curtain set for your kitchen to give your windows a finished look. There are many kinds of valances that you purchase from tiered to balloon festoon styles. Many colorful patterns are showcased with the festoon style, offering a great way to take advantage of fabric design and colors.

When you use a valance with curtains, one of the most popular styles is a half-window treatment where the curtain rod is placed at the mid-way point of the window length. This affords privacy while leaving a section of your window open so light can enter your kitchen. You'll want to check the curtain length before purchasing to make sure it's the length you want for your window. You also have the option of placing the curtain three-quarters of the window length or at the very top of the window in drapery style.

Tiered Swag Valance Curtain Sets

A tiered valance swag curtain set includes the swag valance and the tier (bottom curtain). Some sets may not come sewn as a complete swag valance. Instead, your set may include two swags, a left and right, and a center valance insert. One thing you'll want to allow for is fullness for your valance and tier. A good rule of thumb is to allow twice as much fabric as the window width. Curtain sets are packaged according to the length and width of the window, but if you want a fuller look, sometimes you need to purchase an additional set.

Insert Valance and Tier Curtains

Insert valance sets come in several valance styles that are often ruffled, gathered or scalloped. The insert valance can either fit inside or outside the window frame. You can use large prints and bold colors in this type without overpowering a room. The gathering of the materials will create an optical illusion that disguises the large pattern by accentuating the splash of color.

Rod Pocket Curtains

A rod-pocket valance and tier set give a distinct look to your window treatment. A pocket is sewn anywhere from a half-inch to two inches from the top of the valance and tier. When you insert a rod through the pocket, the valance or tier material will gather along the rod creating a ruffled effect of the above hemline.

This style of kitchen curtains highlights the top hem of the curtain. Use small or large patterns to achieve the level of color you want in your window treatment.

Pinch Pleat

A traditional pinch pleat tier curtain will give your kitchen window a classic drapery look. You can hang the tier just like you would a pinch pleat drapery or choose to use café-styled rings for a more casual look.

Tab Top Curtains

A tab top style curtain gives you a casual contemporary feel to your kitchen. Tab valances and tiers allow the material to fall in soft waves. This curtain effect is a good choice when you really want to showoff the material. The fabric colors will be highlighted with this design.

Grommet Insert Valance Curtains

Grommet valances and tiers that are threaded through a rod are easy to open and close. The curtain material will hang in the same way as a tap top curtain. This is another great style choice for displaying the pattern and color of your curtains.

Tie Back Curtain Sets

This set typically includes a pair of tailored curtains that have same material tie backs, a pair of tiers that are often placed mid-way within the window and topped with either a second tier or a valance.

Café Curtains

A fun and casual design choice, cafe curtains will play up the fabric colors and pattern of your curtains.

Buying Kitchen Curtains

Your choices for colorful kitchen curtains are almost endless. Below are a few links to get you started in your shopping.

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