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As an investment, duvet covers can last for years and it is possible in this new age of frugality, to get great quality clearance duvet covers. As outlined in the Love to Know article,What Is a Duvet, a duvet cover can protect your duvets and comforters, refresh a room's décor, and save on separate bedding such as sheet and blanket sets. Moreover, you do not have to descend into the grubby basement of a bargain store to find these fundamentally necessary linens.

Clearance Duvet Covers - Price Comparison Shopping

One of the greatest factors about internet shopping is its ability to pull up price comparison sites for you, the customer, at the touch of a fingertip. While you may have to adjust your search to find what you want, a quick search can reveal online shops where quality duvet covers are on sale from as much as 60% off retail!

At there is an impressive listing of stores starting with those that carry luxury linens to large chain stores such as Wal-Mart®. The site serves as a portal for other price comparison sites as well. Clicking on their Buyer's Guide will also give you access to places where you can buy hotel bed linens, including duvet covers. price comparison, internet guide takes you to hundreds of choices including a 450-thread count Egyptian cotton duvet covers for under fifty-five dollars!

What am I Looking For in a Clearance Duvet Cover

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You look for a great clearance duvet cover the same way you look for a great clearance sheet set. Look at duvet covers by the thread count; the higher the thread count, the softer and sturdier the duvet cover is going to be.

Of course, you are generally looking for a specific color, but keep your options open. Keep in mind that complimentary or seasonal colors may serve just as well. There are also reversible duvet covers that can give you two looks for the price - the sale price - of one!

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Clearance Duvet Cover

Take advantage of January and February white sales that are still tradition with great stores such as J.C. Penny and Macy's. Sometimes their special coupons can take an additional 15-20% off a sales price.

Be on the lookout for linen sections in places such as gift shops while you are playing tourist. A theme duvet cover can give you a visual reminder of a wonderful trip for years to come.

Think outside the traditional and check thrift shops periodically if you are looking for duvet covers to protect your quilts while at camp or summer home. Sometimes the linen sections of these stores are very large and a good duvet cover found on the inexpensive quick!

Clearance Duvet Covers as Gifts

As long as you have the bed measurements of the gift recipient, there is no reason while your bargain shopping should not uncover a fantastic gift for the high school or college graduate, or newly married couple.

  • Measure or get the mattress measurements of the bed.
  • Measure the top of the mattress from side to side, and then measure the top of the mattress from head to foot.
  • Your last measurement will be the drop which is the measurement taken from the top of the mattress to the desired length. The desired length is at least two inches longer than where the bed and box springs meet.

Be aware that duvet covers can be purchased with a matching or complimentary bed skirt if desired.

For a truly personalized gift, take your inexpensive duvet cover and embroider or have embroidered the initials and event date on the corners of the cover.

Clearance duvet covers may be purchased at a bargain price, but their longevity and their purpose will make them something of a treasure for years to come for you, your family, guests and friends.

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Clearance Duvet Covers