Clearance Bed in a Bag

bed in a bag

Buying bedding can be expensive, but for the frugal home decorator a clearance bed in a bag is an excellent option. You can outfit an entire bed for less than $100, and you'll get a significant amount of bang for your buck.

What Is a Bed in a Bag?

When you buy new sheets, a new comforter, pillow shams, a bed skirt, and throw pillows for your bed, you usually end up spending a lot of money. In addition, there's the hassle of trying to coordinate everything. That's where bed in a bag comes in.

Instead of buying several bedding pieces to complete your set, you simply buy one package that includes everything you need to outfit a bed. Sets range from five to 20 or more pieces, but most have around seven or eight components. You'll get sheets, pillow cases, comforter or bedspread, and shams. The set may also include throw pillows, a bed skirt, and other accessories.

There are many reasons to buy your bedding this way. You know everything will match, and you'll save significant money. Plus, bed in a bag sets are hassle-free. But there are also a few downsides to buying bedding in a set.

Typically, bed in a bag sets have lower thread count sheets than you might usually choose. This translates to bedding that isn't quite as soft or durable as higher thread count options. Also bed in a bag sets can sometimes look a little too matchy-matchy for some decorator's tastes. However, for many, the upside of having totally coordinated, high-value bedding certainly outweighs these negative aspects.

Clearance Bed in a Bag Online

You can shop sales in your local department store or home store, but often, you'll find the best bedding deals online. It's fun and easy to shop clearance bedding sales at major Internet retailers and at the online storefronts for famous department stores.

  • Target has some great deals on bedding sets. It's a good idea to check back periodically, since items tend to rotate in and out of clearance on a regular basis.
  • Similarly, Macy's frequently has bargains on sets of bedding. Because they tend to carry high-end items, this is a great place to find significant savings on high-quality linens.
  • Another great source for clearance bedding sets is The selection is usually extensive, and the markdowns are impressive. You can sometimes find bed in a bag sets for under $50.
  • It also pays to watch the sales at JCPenney. Often a great source for clearance bedding, they offer a huge selection of bed in a bag sets that frequently go on sale.
  • Luxury Bed Sets is a good place to look for inexpensive bedding ensembles. The close-out specials are usually amazing deals, and they offer a great selection of bed in a bag sets for every bedroom in your house.
  • For a large selection of bedding sets in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, King Linen is another great option. They sometimes run sales offering free shipping, and the price markdowns are significant.

Making the Most of Clearance Bedding

Buying a clearance bed in a bag set is a great way to save money and completely change the look of a room. You can quickly and easily go from having a blah bedroom with neutral bedding to injecting a major dose of personality. To keep your bed in a bag set from looking too coordinated, throw in a few solid-colored accents. Pillows, throws, and even lamps in complementary shades can give the bedding a very polished, expensive appearance.

It's easy to find good deals on bedding sets online, and with some careful choices and skilled accessorizing; you'll be showing off a sophisticated bedroom in no time.

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Clearance Bed in a Bag