Finding Clawfoot Shower Curtains

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs bring an elegance and ambiance to any bathroom in which they're installed. If your clawfoot tub has been outfitted with a shower as well, keep that elegance and ambiance intact by purchasing a clawfoot shower curtain to complement the décor of your bathroom while keeping your tub functional and the floor around it dry.

Where to Buy

The challenge of finding shower curtains for clawfoot tubs lays in the shape of the curtain rod as well as in the height of the tub. To properly fit a clawfoot tub, the curtain must be extra-wide and extra-long, which limits the number of curtains you'll find at your typical big box store.

The following retailers carry quality curtains that are guaranteed to fit your clawfoot tub and shower.

Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab

Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab carries a 180-inch by 70-inch black vinyl shower curtain made for clawfoot tubs. It is .15 mm thick and can be used as a liner or curtain. The curtain costs about $40. All curtains require 36 curtain rings to be functional.

Storm Plumbing - Black vinyl shower curtain
Strom Plumbing - Black vinyl shower curtain

Signature Hardware

Nearly all of Signature Hardware's many shower curtains are available in several sizes to accommodate clawfoot and slipper tubs of different sizes. Widths include 108-inch, 168-inch and 180-inch, and vinyl, fabric, and hookless curtains are available. They offer a wide range of cotton and polyester fabric curtains in different colors and prints to complement many bathroom styles and décor.

One example is a 168-inch satin stripe polyester shower curtain starting around $30.
168" Satin Stripe Polyester Shower Curtain at Signature Hardware carries extra-wide, extra-long shower curtains (from 72-inch by 82-inch up to 216-inch by 111-inch) designed specifically for clawfoot tub use. The curtains are available in four colors: white mesh, white, champagne, and parchment. They also come with magnets sewn into the bottom to help them hang properly. Pricing ranges from around $70 to $194, depending on the size and style purchased.

Fashion Window Treatments

Fashion Window Treatments has custom shower curtains in extra-wide (50 to 100-inch) and extra-long (up to 96 inches) sizes that are ideal for claw foot bathtubs. Since it's custom made, the price varies depending on the fabric pattern you choose and the size. They offer a wide variety of colors/patterns and these curtains can range in cost from $200 up to $400 a curtain.

One example is their Bursa Lapis pattern that begins at $335 for a 100-inch by 96-inch curtain with nickel grommets.


Amazon is a good start when shopping for extra-wide and extra-long shower curtains. There is more of a selection in styles, color, and patterns than other retailers. The prices vary depending on the manufacturer and what's available.

One example is this Welwo Extra Wide Shower Curtain Set Paisley Shower Curtain 108-inch by 72-inch that runs about $28.

Paisley Shower Curtain
Paisley Shower Curtain

Other Options to Consider

Since there isn't a large selection of extra-wide or extra-long curtains available for claw foot bathtubs another option is to purchase standard curtains (72-inch by 72-inch) and buy two to meet the typical 104-inch circular rod. This can give you more to choose from with trendier colors and patterns while keeping the cost down. To keep the short curtain within the tub and keep the water in, attach some shower curtain magnets at the bottom of the curtain or purchase a shower curtain liner with magnets.

Another idea to find a curtain that meets the size and your design needs is to seek out custom made curtains through a local seamstress or window treatment supplier, such as Regal Drapes. It's best to call and meet with them to explain the project and pick out the fabric within their library and resources. If you have something specific in mind, bring in a sample so they can help you find the best match.

Protect Your Bathroom

The positioning of most clawfoot tubs in the bathroom means that all four sides are frequently open and in need of protection from water damage. Whether you have a slipper tub with a small curtain ring positioned on one end, or a 6-foot double clawfoot tub that needs a curtain on all four sides, protect your bathroom with the right size shower curtain or hang up more than one for the job.

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