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Chris Madden is known for elegant bedding.

Exclusive to JCPenney stores, Chris Madden bedding is one of the company's most recognized private labels. The line features sophisticated, elegant bedding that stands out for its craftsmanship, attention to detail and classic style. There is something for every type of home setting in this vast collection.

About the Chris Madden Collection

The name Chris Madden may not exactly be of household familiarity, but chances are you've come across one or two of her label products if you've ever shopped at JCPenney. In the brick-and-mortar stores, print catalogs and on the website, this line is prominently featured. According to the official Chris Madden website, the label is JCPenney's "largest home furnishing launch in its 100-year history".

This is quite a feat for Madden, a celebrity interior designer and author whose initial goal was to create products that transformed mere dwellings with blank canvas rooms into beautiful, relaxing escapes from the worries of life. This transition from house to home is made possible through her masterful designs. Madden infuses a certain spirit and sense of tranquility that brightens even the dullest décor.

In addition to bedding, the Chris Madden collection also includes window treatments, furniture, home décor, bath, dining, and tabletop items. The entire range is available for purchase online.

The Chris Madden Bedding Lineup

Rich, elegant and opulent are just some of the words that express the unique quality of the Chris Madden bedding collection. The range includes everything needed to create a complete bedroom look:

  • Comforters
  • Coverlets
  • Duvets
  • Pillowcases
  • Sheets
  • Shams
  • Throw pillows
  • Throws
  • Valences

Products are available in twin, full, full-queen, queen, king, and California king sizes. Note that not all products are readily available in every size, but the JCPenney website makes it easy to narrow your selections by size, color, product, and even fabric preference.


A distinctively chic mood sets the tone for Chris Madden styles, where the bedding is refined, thoughtfully designed and blooming with ripe, rich colors that run the spectrum of the rainbow. From soft, gentle palettes of beige to succulent plums and mesmerizing blues, there are shades to fit every home.

Not just defined by color, the Chris Madden range is quite imaginative, from an intriguing use of floral prints to an attention to detail. Even the simplest products, think fluffy white comforters and sheets, look almost ornate when touched by the hand of Madden.

Needless to say, choosing the right products for your bedroom depends on your decorating plans. If you have plans to redecorate, you might wish to introduce one of the brighter Madden pieces into your home and color coordinate the rest of your room around it. Otherwise, you might want to play it safe with something simple and relatively monochromatic or neutral, so that it blends well with your existing décor.


Although there are several products in the Chris Madden bedding categories, some are more prevalent than others. The selection of throw pillows, for example, is enormous. There are lacy styles perfect for adding a romantic touch to any room, and there are bright, almost playful styles that bring a sense of lighthearted charm to any home. Again, what you choose depends on the mood you' want to convey.

The same goes for other highlights of the Madden collection, such as comforters and valances. If you hope to coordinate your entire bedroom's setup, you're in luck. Chances are you'll find a match for everything, from the throw pillows and duvet to the valance and pillow shams.


For some consumers, the most attractive part of the collection is its reasonable pricing. Complete bed sets, for example, are often attractively priced on sale for under $200 (compared to an original retail price of nearly $400). Single items like throws and throw pillows often run as low as 20 dollars. It's worth keeping an eye on JCPenney sale flyers and the website so you can take advantage of weekly sales.Another tip is to shop during the holiday season, when warm bedding is especially popular and put on sale. You'll often pay considerably less and may even find valuable discount codes online, either for free shipping or a percentage off the purchase price.

Online Shopping

A final point to consider when purchasing bedding is the quality. This is paramount. Although it is true that the Madden name is highly regarded, it goes without saying that it's worth checking the product in person if you are not familiar with it. Get a feel for the materials and examine the colors and prints to determine that they are right for you and your home. Only then will you be completely satisfied with your purchase.

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