Chocolate Brown and Blue Bedding


Chocolate brown and blue bedding makes a bold and rich design statement in any bedroom.

Brown and Blue Bedding Colors

Some of the most striking bedding sets are either predominantly brown or blue with smatterings of the other color. This creates a very powerful look, with the color acting as a design element. The hues of brown and blue are also influencing factors for your overall room design.

A combination of blue and rich dark brown draws you into the room. The chocolate brown creates an immediate ambiance of deep relaxation, while the contrasting blue prevents the brown from overpowering your bedroom design. The blue provides a crisp, light, or airy feel to your bedroom.

Coordinating the Bedroom Decor

Usually when you use a brown and blue combination, you want to introduce other hues of these colors into your room. You may choose to use very light tans and beiges with the deep dark chocolate color in your bedding. You can also use the same technique with the blue hues going from lighter to darker. This color technique helps give your otherwise two-colored bedroom dimension and depth. The varying hues of blue and brown create a more interesting design than simply repeating the same blue and brown colors. The lighter and darker hues keep your bedding from having a flat, non-dimensional design appearance. Toss some lighter and darker brown and blue pillows on the bed. Add a lighter blue or brown throw and you're on your way to a true designer look in your bedroom makeover. Add pictures and other accessories to carry the different hues throughout your bedroom.

Decide on Your Style

Now that you've decided to expand your brown and blue color scheme for your new bedding, you need to make the important design choice on which style you want to use for your bedding. There are many designs in the increasingly popular brown and blue bedding ensemble.

Choosing Chocolate Brown and Blue Bedding

Since there are so many bedding styles available in this striking color combination, your budget can help you narrow your choices. If money isn't a determining factor, then you can go with a high-end luxury bedding ensemble. If this is the case, it's always best to leave your options open, you may find a more simplistic and economical ensemble to be exactly the look you want.

Squares and Rectangles

A design with squares and rectangles is one of the most popular styles and will go with just about any architectural elements you might find in a bedroom. It's considered a conservative design; yet, in the right décor it can also become a modern look. This versatility is due to the unique geometric pattern of repetitive squares and rectangles. One overall effect can be a box within a box within a box. The combination of brown and blue squares give an instant electric visual effect that's very dramatic for your bedroom.

Floral Patterns

Another very striking pattern design is one with brown and blue flowers. You may prefer to use blue as the primary color instead of the chocolate brown. In this case, you can opt for a blue background comforter with a chocolate and tan floral design. Pale blue flowers and lighter shades of brown offer a wistful, romantic feel, while a bold royal or turquoise blue and a darker brown has a more contemporary vibe.


There are multiple choices of striped bedding ensembles that will work for most bedroom styles. Some striped designs are combined with floral patterns for a unique look of blended patterns. If you prefer to use the striped pattern alone, you can find brown and blue bedding in various striped widths, from very wide to very narrow. If you opt for this style of bedding, then you may want to add a break in the striped effect with fashion pillows. Add polka dot, floral, and abstract patterned pillows for a truly chic look. You can also spice it up with solid-colored pillows.

More Design Styles

If none of the designs mentioned are what you want for your bedroom, then you may wish to explore bedding made out of lace, chenille, Matelasse, or other types of construction that give you texture options.

Fabric Choices

When you start to shop for your new bedding, you may want to narrow your search by deciding on specific fabric choices. You may enjoy the feel and wear of satin or silk and desire a comforter made from one of these fabrics. If silk isn't your style, you can choose velvet or a mix of velvet and brocade with rope cord trim. Some chocolate and blue comforters are quilted patchwork and this style often has a variety of textured fabrics to add interest. Perhaps, the simplicity of 100 percent cotton is more appealing to you. Cotton offers the opportunity for excellent color dye and is a breathable fabric choice so you'll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Other fabric choices include blends, wool, rayon, nylon, and numerous synthetics.

If you plan to use your bedding year round, then you need to take the fabric weight into consideration and opt for a medium to lightweight comforter or bedspread. If you need additional warmth during the winter, you can always add an electric blanket between the top sheet and comforter. If the temperature isn't a concern, then you can go with any weight and let style, texture and design govern your choice.

Depending on the style and fabric you choose, chocolate brown and blue bedding can create a fresh, modern feel, or transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of elegant luxury.

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Chocolate Brown and Blue Bedding