Chinese Floor Cushions

Brocade is elegant
Brocade is elegant

Ideal for unwinding or relaxing after a long day, Chinese floor cushions bring a touch of coziness and comfort to any home. Renowned not just for the way they feel, these cushions are especially noteworthy for their generally vast size.

Uses of Floor Cushions

The floor cushion is a functional piece that is frequently used in lieu of traditional seating. It is also used for decorative purposes, and often serves as a colorful accent piece in a neutral setting and vice versa. Designs run the gamut from minimal and neutral to bold and vivacious. It is typically seen in family rooms, bedrooms and on patios. Floor cushions are often favored by college students and recent college graduates who are decorating their first homes. Not only do they instantly spruce up the décor, but they also act as chairs and, in some cases, even as tables.

Chinese Pillows and Cushions

Steeped in tradition, Chinese floor pillows and cushions have enjoyed prominence in homes all over the world for centuries. In ancient times, the Chinese would either sit or kneel on the floor, often on low-lying mats or flat pillows. This was ideal, for the furniture was also low to the ground. Over time, as seating levels grew higher and furniture followed suit, cushions became favored, especially for their decorative nature. This was no surprise, as the extensive use of brocade, colorful silks and intricate embroidery created distinctive designs worthy of being showcased in the home.

Traditional bed pillows also evolved vastly over the years. Some were even composed of wood and bamboo, and many were produced by local artisans who would incorporate specific designs into their handiwork as a means of exorcising demons or encouraging good fortunes.

Chinese Floor Pillows and Cushions Today

Modern Chinese floor pillows and cushions are used for a variety of purposes. As with any other type of floor cushion, they are often used for lounging on while watching television, or even sleeping on if they're large enough. Since Chinese-style floor cushions are often large, square or circular shapes, they are ideal for both of these purposes. Their shape also makes them ideal for individuals who are meditating or practicing yoga. Since it is imperative to be comfortable while in either of these states, a distraction-free, centering environment is also ideal. Soft cushions contribute to the overall serenity and allow the person to stay focused.

Shopping for Chinese Floor Cushions

Whether you're taken by their immensely comfortable appearance or intrigued by their artwork, you'll find much to choose from in the wide range of Chinese floor cushions available. Many are distinctly rich and awe-inspiring, while others are purely functional.

  • Cultural Elements carries a selection of handmade decorative pillows made from Chinese brocade. Whether you choose to position them on the floor in a thoughtfully designed room or perch them on a couch or bed, you can be sure they will capture attention with their artful covers, hexagonal shape and vivid colors (including pumpkin, turquoise and moss green).
  • Etsy boasts a vast and ever-changing selection of Chinese-style floor cushions, both decorative and functional. Many are handmade, but there are also several vintage styles that will delight avid collectors. Note that items tend to sell quickly, so it's wise to act fast if you see something you like, and to check back often for new offerings.
  • Fine Web Stores carries a wide variety of simple Chinese-style floor cushions. Choose from overstuffed styles shaped like crescents and circles. The company also carries a large square floor cushion that they recommend for yoga and meditation. If you're seeking something impressively large, consider the giant Chinese floor cushion, a five-foot circular pillow that easily doubles as a comfy chair.
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