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Indulging in a few cheap floor pillows is a smart, economical way to add a splash of cozy comfort and color to your room. They can even be used as alternatives to furniture in some cases. Clearly, this versatile home accessory needs no introduction, thanks in great part to the many textures, shades, designs, and makes that are available. No matter what your budget, you're sure to find a few that meet your needs.

About Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are accent pieces that serve many different purposes. Heavily decorated or colorful pieces can brighten up a room instantly, while large, overstuffed styles add an easy, lived-in look to your space. These come in handy, especially, in rooms with limited space, and can function as comfortable seating in lieu of sofas and armchairs.

Some floor pillows are designed with specific aesthetic purposes in mind. "Block" pillows, for example, are sturdier than cushy seat pillows and can be placed together to create makeshift coffee tables or sofas. Other styles can accommodate a child or adult and are large enough to allow it to act as a body pillow of sorts. These are just a few of the ideas that make floor pillows especially popular with college students and recent graduates who are decorating their first homes.

Finding Cheap Floor Pillows

Just as appealing as its versatility is the floor pillow's generally reasonable value. You'll find them everywhere from mass merchandise retailers to home furnishing centers, and there are plenty available at online discounters, as well. With so many shopping options, it's no wonder that floor pillows are such hot commodities!

  • IKEA, known for its low prices, carries a great variety of floor pillows. From solids to heavily decorated styles, no floor pillow is sold for over $30. This is a smart choice for anyone on a budget who still wants to decorate his or her abode in style. There are plenty of options here!
  • Target carries a small but attractive range of floor pillows on its website. Prices run the gamut from just over $10 to over $100. The majority of pillows are available online only, though if an item is available in the store, it will specify as much.
  • Walmart, similarly, carries a modest selection of floor pillows, mainly on its website. Prices are generally under $50 for large, decorative pillows accented by embroidery and printed designs.
  • is the place to shop if you're on the hunt for a more diverse selection of cheap floor pillows. Since the online superstore carries items from its own store and from external sources, there's quite an impressive selection here. To make life easier, you can shop by price to narrow your choices.
  • makes it incredibly simple to find just the floor pillow you're looking for at the price you want. Choose from hundreds of styles, none priced higher than $40. If you're planning to give a floor pillow as a gift and want some truly inexpensive yet stylish options, this is a safe bet; you'll find a range of sizes and vivid patterns mixed in with simple solids.

Things to Remember

If you're shopping online for a floor pillow, search for "floor cushions" and "floor loungers" before you make that final purchase. Some styles, such as round pillows large enough to accommodate a child and even certain backrest pillows, are categorized under these headings.

Also, note the online retailer's return policy. The construction of a floor pillow is essential. It should be sturdy enough to handle an adult's body weight without flattening, full enough to maintain its shape over time and neatly finished along each side. If it doesn't meet these basic standards, or if the color or pattern differs in person than what is presented on the website, you'll want to send the item back without hassle.

On that note, examine your in-store purchases for these traits, as well. Feel the sides of the floor pillow to ensure there are no rough edges or unfinished stitches. If you plan to use your floor pillows often, it's worth it to do a thorough examination. Remember that "cheap" doesn't equate to low quality!

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