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Are Bedspreads, Comforters and Duvets the Same?

Bedspreads, comforters and duvets are forms of blankets and are all created for two main purposes: to cover a bed and to add style to a room. However, they do this in various ways and to varying degrees. While the differences are subtle, there are differences. So, what are the differences and which do you need?


Bedspreads are generally considered the most decorative of the group and are typically chosen for looks rather than warmth. Bedspreads come in a variety of styles and materials, including chenille and seersucker. Bedspreads are long, often flowing to the floor, eliminating the need for bed skirts.


Fluffy and filled, comforters are usually chosen for their ability to provide warmth. Comforters may be filled with a variety of things, including goose down, cotton, or polyester. Prices vary depending on outer material and filling.


Duvet and comforter are sometimes used interchangeably, but duvet actually refers to the removable, top cover. Used correctly, duvets eliminate the need for a top sheet and separate comforter. Many people today use duvets on top of comforters to prolong the life of the more expensive comforter.

Which Do You Need

As for which type of bedding you need, it's largely a matter of personal preference. If you live in a cool climate, a comforter is a good choice. In the summer, or in cooler climates, a light bedspread is a more comfortable choice. Bedspreads or duvets are always a nice addition for looks, especially if you change your color scheme. Rather than buying a new comforter, you can simply replace the duvet.

Bedspreads, Comforters and Duvets