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Considering the popularity of the film it is named for, it's no wonder that a Cars comforter is often at the top of a little one's wish list.

Merchandise Inspired by Cars

It's the same story every time: Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar release a new film, and suddenly there's a whole slew of merchandise depicting the movie's characters everywhere you turn. It's all part of the marketing campaign and it's one that works quite well. When a film like Cars is released, accompanying toys, games and even home accessories sell quickly. They're meant to draw the attention of children and, of course, get them excited about the upcoming film release.

When it comes to Disney/Pixar films in particular, there is no lack of this type of promotion. Cars was a wild hit with the younger set, and the film generated billions of dollars in global sales of related merchandise. It's no surprise that a great portion of those sales was attributed to bedding.

Cars Bedding

The Cars bedding lineup is vast and that's putting it mildly. It includes sheets, comforters, bed pillows, body pillows, cuddle pillows, and more. Although the film itself was released several years ago, all elements of the bedding collection are still widely available at popular retailers. Since they're sold at most big box retailers, online discount stores and many department stores, it's quite easy to find these items for reasonable prices.

Shopping for a Cars Comforter

One might expect it to be exceptionally simple to find a Cars comforter, pay for it and call it a day. In theory, it is that easy but given the number of styles available, deciding which one to buy can often be the most challenging aspect. Your child may wish to give his or her input on the comforter's design, and you may want to do some shopping around to find it at its best price.

Styles of Cars comforters vary by color and pattern. All of them are quite bold and feature vibrant depictions of Lightning McQueen, the lead character. Blue is the predominant color on the majority of the comforters; it's quite a natural choice, given that McQueen's red color stands out strongly on this background. Among the styles available are:

  • Racing Cars Comforter: Get your motor running! This comforter resembles the Vintage comforter style in many ways, but McQueen is parked in front of two other cars on a light blue background. The requisite thunderbolt flashes above their hoods, with the words "Thunder After Lightning" printed in capital letters.
  • Cars Comforter Set: If you're shopping for a complete set, consider this package. It includes a comforter and two standard size shams. The graphics on this particular comforter are quite bold and colorful. The red, green and blue cars all stand out strongly against a dark grey backdrop, complete with a grey and white checkerboard pattern.
  • Cars, The Movie Comforter: If your little one is a big fan of McQueen and his best friend Mater, then he or she will love this colorful comforter. On a solid blue background, it shows off the two characters in vivid style.
  • Disney Cars Spokes: Delight your little ones with this slightly less complex comforter. The turquoise blue background serves as a bold backdrop for various small images of the characters.
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Cars Comforter