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Camo uniform

You do not have to be in the military to like the look of camo bedding. Bedding with a camouflage pattern has many of advantages to it. First of all, you can get it in any number of color schemes to match your bedroom décor, not just khaki or green. Secondly, since the bedding is patterned, it can hide minor stains. This is great if you have pets in the house that like to jump up on the bed with muddy paws.

Camouflage-Style Comforters, Sheets, and More

Classic Camo

If you want to find traditional camo bedding, such as the kind you could use to hide yourself if you decided to take a nap in the woods, check out Camo Trading. It has comforters with classic camo patterns, such as forest trees, green army camo, wetlands, and moss. It also has one pink pattern with real tree branch images on it, but you might stand out a bit with this one.

Modern Camo

If you are not a stickler for realism but just like the hunting lodge look, you may find your bliss at Cabela's. This online retailer sells patchwork quilts, which alternate between squares of camouflage and squares of coordinating pastel colors. It also has bedding with real images of deer, wolves and bears on it.

Camo Bedding for Children

camo covers

If your children ask you for camo bedding, it is not likely they care if the camouflage is completely realistic. Most times, boys will be happy with anything brown and green and girls will be happy with anything pink and white. Of course, your children may have different color preferences, but here are three stores to try:

  • Target sells both pink camo and green camo bed in a bags, that include a comforter, sheets and a pillowcase.
  • The Company Store sells unique camo bedding in a variety of colors.
  • Beyond Bedding has a set that looks a lot like the pattern on modern military uniforms. It even has accessories in desert sand.

Bedding for Babies

If you would like to deck the crib out in camouflage, you may be surprised to learn that you actually have several options to choose from. One place to visit is Blanket Warehouse, which has both a green and a blue camouflage crib set, both by JoJo Designs. You can also buy coordinating curtains, changing pads, hampers, and lampshades.

If You Can't Find It, Make It

If you cannot find the camo bedding you want, it is possible to sew your own. Most any fabric store will have camouflage-patterned fabric available. If you wish to be super authentic, you can even travel to a military surplus shop and see if you can purchase fabric there. If you can't find the fabric itself, pick up a few t-shirts, then you will at least be able to make an Army-issue pillowcase or two. You can also find camouflage items at many larger sporting goods stores, especially those that have hunting departments.

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