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If you love resting on a long oversized pillow, then body pillow covers are absolutely essential. These protective casings will keep your pillow in great condition. This is especially important for those who use a body pillow for health purposes.

About Body Pillows

Body pillows generally measure anywhere from four to five feet long, but can be shorter or longer. Just like basic bed pillows, body pillows are made with a variety of different materials, including down, foam and cotton. Lengthy pillows are favored for their softness and overall comfort. They can be placed horizontally across the bed, making them an alternative to basic bed pillows. More commonly, however, they're used vertically, which makes it simple to lie next to them, grasp them tightly or curl up against them.

Health Benefits

In addition to being cozy, body pillows happen to provide numerous health benefits, as well:

  • Pregnant women find them very comfortable because they make sleeping in a fetal or semi-fetal position easy. They also support a growing belly and can even provide relief to aching legs, shoulders and other parts of the body that are affected by the general physical pressures of pregnancy.
  • Back pain sufferers often find relief in flexible body pillows that can be wrapped around areas to relieve high pressure.
  • Neck pain sufferers may especially benefit from a foam body pillow, because the pillow's lengthy shape and unique construction support muscles that are otherwise unsupported when sleeping on a regular pillow.
  • Individuals who suffer from insomnia due to body aches and pains may find relief through the regular use of body pillows. Not only do they help relieve various discomforts, they feel quite therapeutic to a weary body (particularly those that are filled with natural down, feather or buckwheat).

Why Use Body Pillow Covers?

Just as a pillowcase is used to protect a pillow, body pillow covers do the same thing for these oversized versions. They keep the pillow clean and protect it from body oils, sweat and other soiling. If you've purchased your body pillow for health purposes, chances are great that you spent a fair amount on a high-quality pillow that will last you for years. Of course, it's important to protect your pillow whether it cost you $20 or $200. You'll feel a lot better knowing your investment is fully covered with a zippered pillowcase.

What to Purchase

Needless to say, there are many different types of body pillow covers available out there. Whether your objective is to add a splash of color to your linens or to simply add another layer of comfort to your already-cushy pillow, you're guaranteed to find just what you're looking for. For those who seek some variety and want a few different color choices, there's good news. Most covers are quite affordable, making it pretty easy to indulge in a selection without buyer's remorse.

It's also important to mention the special needs of allergy sufferers or anyone with sensitive skin. For these individuals, a hypoallergenic pillowcase may provide great relief. Look for details like light weights, membrane-free construction and low pore size (a low number of microns means the fabric is woven tightly enough to evade larger-sized dust mites and other allergens).

Where to Purchase

You can find pillowcases for body pillows at almost any linen store or various department stores, and you can also find them online. Some of the stores that offer a more impressive selection include:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond: From micro suede to cotton, the selection at Bed Bath & Beyond has a little bit of everything to appeal to all tastes. Prices here are quite reasonable.
  • Royal Pillow: Royal Pillow carries covers by Pristine, which are made with the aforementioned tightly woven fabrics to provide a barrier against allergens. Choose from three sizes priced between $11 and $15.
  • Target: Nearly always the place to visit for a low-cost option, Target offers a variety of multi-colored and solid covers for body pillows for under $10 each.
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