Blackout Drapes

Keep light out with lackout drapes
Keep light out with blackout drapes.

Hanging blackout drapes does more than keep light out of the room. They add privacy, can also help improve your heating and cooling bills, and protects the fabrics of your décor.

Types of Blackout Drapes

Most window treatments let a certain degree of light into the room. How much light will depend on the types of drapes or window treatments you chose. If your goal is to keep out the light, blackout drapes or linings are designed to block light from seeping into a room. To what degree the light is blocked will depend on the quality of drapes you buy. Not all blackout curtains and drapes are 100 percent effective. They come in various styles and fabrics so be sure to choose the type of drape or blackout liner that is right for your needs. When choosing your drapes take the time to consider whether or not you want them to be a focal point or if you would rather have them blend in with the décor. Making this decision before you buy is an important factor in how well you will like your drapes once they are installed.

Blackout Curtain Linings

If you desire the ability to block light from a room but don't want to purchase new drapes, another option is to buy blackout curtain linings. Some people install these linings instead of blinds because they successfully block out sunlight completely. Linings come in ivory or white. If you choose to use linings in more than one room, choose the same color throughout the house for uniformity as they will show from the exterior. Blackout linings are available in three weights:

  • Lightweight
  • Medium-weight
  • Heavyweight

Benefits to Hanging Blackout Drapes

One of the most evident benefits of hanging blackout drapes in a bedroom is that sleeping in a dark room helps you obtain a better quality sleep. A dark room is one of Better Sleep Council's recommendations for getting a good night's sleep. People who have issues with poor sleep during the full moon or as the result of a nearby street light can benefit by blocking the light out so that it doesn't interrupt their sleep.For those who have to sleep during the day, a dark room is especially important. People who work shifts that require them to sleep during the day while it is bright and sunny can benefit from blackout drapes in more than one way because heavy drapes can help block out light and sounds that might otherwise disturb sleep.

Blackout drapes aren't just for the bedroom, though. Due to their very design blackout drapes are actually environmentally friendly and good for your budget, too. They can be used to help keep your home warm and cozy in the winter and to make your air conditioner more effective in the summer. All you have to do is make sure to open your drapes on winter days to let the sunshine in, and then close them at night. Their insulating properties help retain heat. In the summer months, you'll want to keep your drapes closed to keep the sunlight out along with the heat it generates.

Other Benefits

  • Reduces noise
  • Protects furniture and carpet from sun fade
  • Reduces glare on TV and computer screens

When buying blackout drapes, be sure to take the time to measure and learn [[How to Hang Drapes|how to hang drapes properly. An ill-fitting drape can defeat the whole purpose of buying drapes to keep the light out. If they don't close properly or don't extend beyond the window frame enough, the light will find its way into the room. Take your measurements and take them one more time just to double check your numbers. If you really want to keep the light out and improve your privacy, your drapes must fit your windows properly. Its worth the extra effort to ensure a right fit.

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Blackout Drapes