Bedding Ensembles

Bedding ensemble

Bedding ensembles can be designer sets or discount deals. There are so many different bedding ensembles to choose from that you really need to consider several factors before you begin your search for the perfect ensemble for your bedroom.

What Fits Your Budget

Depending upon the type of ensemble you want, you can spend less than 20 or 30 bucks or close to a thousand dollars or more on bedding, particularly if you purchase a set compete with curtains, throw pillows, and more. Before you venture into the world of bedding, decide just how much you want to spend and what pieces you really want to purchase as part of the ensemble you select.

Bedding Ensembles: What's Included

Bedding ensembles don't necessarily mean the same thing for every bedding set. In some cases, an ensemble simply refers to a comforter, one or two pillow shams, and a dust ruffle. In other cases, ensembles can include, in addition to the basics, one or two sets of curtains, throw pillows, throws, and even a small rug. Determine what you really want your bedding ensemble to include, then shop for the best deals. In some cases, you may save money by purchasing a more economical basic set and then adding additional pieces, like curtains and throw pillows. On the other hand, a complete ensemble that offers everything you need may offer the best price.

Coverlet Design

What kind of coverlet do you prefer? Do you want a thick, cozy comforter, or would you prefer a simple bedspread that eliminates the need for a dust ruffle? Do you have a comforter that is in perfectly good shape, but you're just tired of its style? If so, consider purchasing a duvet cover that you can slip over your old comforter instead.

Style and Design

Luxurious bedding set

Somewhere out there is a bedding ensemble that is just right for you. If you are completely redoing a bedroom, then you can take your bedroom design from the ensemble you choose and go from there with your decorating needs. Before you get too carried away, however, consider the following:

  • Do you share the room with a spouse or roommate? If you share the room with a member of the opposite sex, then avoid picking an ensemble that is too masculine or too feminine. There are lots of bedroom ensembles that work perfectly for either gender.
  • What is your style? Do you love frilly things, or do you prefer an ultra-modern look? How about a rustic theme, or maybe a more eclectic style? There are plenty of ensembles for any preference, but you'll need to decide what look you are searching for in order to narrow your choices.
  • Size really does matter. If you have a queen size bed, don't think you can get by with purchasing a full size bedding set just to save money. It simply won't fit right, and it will deter from the put-together look of your bedroom. On the other hand, don't purchase a greatly reduced king-sized comforter to place on your queen bed. You'll find yourself battling the extra material each time you need to make your bed. Stick with the size that is appropriate for your bed.

Where to Shop

Now that you have an idea about the bedding set you want to purchase, where do you begin shopping? If you really are budget conscious, then check out the bedding and linen sections of department stores like Target and Kmart. These stores offer some great, stylish bedding lines at terrific prices. Online sites like the Bedding Superstore offer great deals as well. Finally, don't forget to check your local ads for weekly specials, and of course you can also search online auction sites like eBay for more deals.

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