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Batman sheet set

Batman bedding continues to be a popular choice as a bedroom theme.

Batman Themes

Batman themes are easy to incorporate in a young child's bedroom, and boys in particular love this classic superhero. With the introduction of the movie, The Dark Knight, however, many parents want to steer their little boys away from the violence of this popular hero. If this is your concern, you can still allow your little guy to explore his love of Batman and avoid the darker emphasis associated with the latest Batman movie.

By choosing an appropriate theme that focuses on more age-appropriate material, you can create a room that your child and you will both love. Well-chosen colors, patterns, artwork, and accessories can center on the classic hero in all his glory and avoid the darker themes of the more violent version of Batman.

Batman Bedding and Accessories

Before you choose your paint colors and other accessories, you should take a look at the many versions of Batman bedding available. Although each type of bedding will certainly feature the superhero, you can find bedding that plays up certain colors, such as blue, red, black, and yellow. Once you've chosen the Batman bedding for your child's room, pull a color from that bedding to use on the walls, and then choose an accent color to work into the room in other ways, such as light fixtures, artwork, rugs, paint trim, and throw pillows. Popular wall colors and paint trim combinations include the following:

  • Yellow walls/black trim and black furniture
  • Blue walls/black or white trim and black furniture
  • Red walls/blue or white trim, and natural wood furniture

Of course, these are just suggestions, and you may come up with a better color combination that you like. Again, use the Batman bedding as the inspiration. Other popular wall and trim colors include gunmetal gray, blue/gray, beige or tan.

Bedding Choices

Shopping for bedding with a Batman theme will yield a variety of choices. If you are in the market for sheets, comforter, and a bed skirt, you may want to consider purchasing a bed in a bag set. Not only is this a simple way to pull everything together, but you can often save money with bed in a bag sets as opposed to purchasing pieces separately. If you want to buy virtually everything you need to complete the room, look for sets that include throw pillows, curtains, and even rugs.


You should also consider the type of material you want on your sheets in particular.

  • Cotton or cotton blend-This is probably the most common, and cotton or cotton-blends will be comfortable all year round.
  • T-shirt material-Another popular choice for sheets is t-shirt material, which is soft and comfy.
  • Flannel sheets-Flannel sheets are the perfect choice for those chilly winter nights!


What type of coverlet do you prefer? You can usually find Batman bedding coverlet designs in quilts, comforters, bedspreads, or possibly duvets. Keep in mind that while comforters are the most popular choice, they are more difficult to launder at home simply because of their bulky size. Quilts now often come in lightweight designs, perfect for young children's beds.


If your child is still a toddler, you can typically find toddler sized Batman coverlets and sheets, and you may be able to find a Batman toddler designed bed as well. However, if your little guy plans on staying in a Batman themed room, you might want to invest in a larger bedding set, and wait on making the Batman transition when your he is ready to move up from a toddler bed to a twin or regular sized bed.


Once you've selected the bedding for your child's room, complete the look with Batman accessories. You can find posters and artwork in local department stores or online at sites like eBay, and look for inexpensive poster frames when places like Hobby Lobby run sales. Add pillows, a few Batman action figures, and other items around the room to complete the look.

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