Bathroom Window Curtains

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Bathroom window curtains come in a variety of styles, color, and material. In fact, there are so many curtain choices, that selecting the perfect curtains for your bathroom can be a difficult decision.

Choosing Bathroom Window Curtains

Whether you purchase or make your own bathroom window curtains, budget constraints, material, color, and style choices must be considered.


You can spend as much or as little on bathroom curtains as you choose, depending upon your budget constraints and needs. Bathroom windows call for privacy, so the curtains you use will probably need to meet this need in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. The more elaborate the material and style, the more expensive the curtains. For example, a simple cotton valance can usually be found at department stores like Wal-Mart or Target for under $20 or so. However, a more elaborate set of curtains that include panels and a valance and ties may be closer to $100 in price.


The material you choose for your bathroom curtain is important. While you might long for a lovely silk or satin, any material that has to be dry cleaned should probably be off-limits. Since a humid bathroom is going to breed mold and mildew, choose a fabric that is washable, preferably a cotton or cotton-blend fabric.


What kind of statement do you want to make with your bathroom curtains? Do you want the window to "pop" with color, or would you rather it blend in with the rest of the room? Whatever you choose, make sure the curtain color works well with the shower curtain, rug, and wall color. If you are in doubt, white, ivory, or beige may be the simplest choice.


Style is an important consideration when choosing bathroom curtains. Choose from valances, swags, café curtains, or floor length drapes. Keep in mind, however, that floor length curtains will be more difficult to keep clean, particularly in such a moisture-prone room. As you look at curtain styles, consider the size of your window as well. Do you have enough wall space for more elaborate curtains, or do you really need to keep the whole design on a much smaller scale?

Making Bathroom Curtains

Even if you aren't an experienced seamstress, you can make beautiful window bathroom curtains. Consider the following ideas:

  • Simple swag-Take a long piece of material (a flat sheet will work as well), and swag it across the top of the window, marking the length you want on each side. If necessary, cut the material to fit the size you prefer, then hem. You can attach decorative hooks to the corner of the window frame to hold the swag, letting it drape gently across the top of the window. You can also make rosettes in the each corner of the material by gathering the material together and winding a rubber band around the bunched material to create a rosette pattern. Add a nail in each corner of the window, and hook the back of the rubber band on the nail.
  • Easy valance-Purchase several cloth napkins, and sew them together so that they create a diamond pattern. You can then drape them over a small curtain rod. You'll need to purchase mini blinds for privacy with this idea, however.
  • Cheap café curtains-For a small bathroom window, you probably won't need more than a yard of material. Cut the material in half, and hem all sides. Purchase curtain rod hooks, and attach these to the material. You're ready to hang your curtains!

Finally, if you have any other curtain ideas and tips to share with our readers, please do so in the comments section of this article. Remember, we'd love to know!

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Bathroom Window Curtains