Bath Rugs and Towels

Rug is bathroom centerpiece.

Bath rugs and towels might be on your shopping list, especially if you've recently renovated your bathroom.

Finding the Perfect Set

You have many choices when it comes to selecting which rug or towel set you want for your bathroom.

Designer Sets

You can find great bargains when you buy designer towel sets. Many of these sets come with matching rugs. Designer towels and rugs can cost more than other sets, but the design choices tend to be greater. Spend some time browsing online and in local linen shops to get an idea what's available and what may work in your bathroom design.

Chenille Sets

You may decide to buy a chenille towel set. You can also purchase a chenille rug. Many of the chenille rugs have a solid chenille border with the center design woven in the traditional style you're accustomed to seeing in vintage-styled bedspreads. The pile on these rugs and towels are dense and lush to give you a sense of luxury. You can find many styles and the great news is these rugs are just as machine washable as the towels.

Wood Tile Rugs

When you select towels to display in your bathroom, you'll want a rug that will go with the pattern and design. One of the newest styles for a bath rug is a tiled wood mat. This kind of mat is usually made from teak wood with various patterns. One of the most popular patterns if the woven look of the traditional brick pattern. For an Asian flare to your décor, choose a tiled wood mat.

A teak slatted mat that's often found in spas can be the perfect finishing touch to your new bathroom. Water will pool underneath the mat and need to be clean up later, but the advantage to this kind of rug mat is having the water drain away from your feet while drying off.

Intricate Weaves

Some of the higher-end linens offer an intricate weave for the rug with a matching motif that borders the towel hem. This kind of design can give your bathroom a unique and appealing look.

Go Organic

If you're feeling green you might want to consider purchasing organic cotton or bamboo bath towels and rug. You can also find cotton, bamboo and hemp products that aren't organic, so be sure to read the labels to know what you're buying.

Bamboo for Organic Bathroom

You might think that bamboo is for gardens and floors, but the fabrics are also made from this amazing plant. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-mildew properties that make towels and rugs extremely functional for bathroom use. In a room where so much water is used, bamboo is the perfect solution. Many bamboo products are made with a blend of other fibers such as cotton. If you want a truly eco-friendly bath, opt for bamboo rug and towels.

Organic Cotton

The advantage of organic, cotton, bath accessories is having products that are chemical free. Vegetable dyes set the colors in the towels and even the rugs used in bathrooms. If you've been thinking of making some green changes, this is your opportunity to do so.


You may own a pair of hemp shoes and other articles of clothing. Now you can also have hemp towels and rugs for your bathroom. Hemp is another renewable resource that you can purchase.

Turkish and Egyptian Cotton

There's always the debate about which is better, Turkish or Egyptian cotton. Many people believe that Egyptian cotton is too absorbent and that Turkish cotton towels are the perfect balance. You may want to purchase both a Turkish cotton towel and an Egyptian cotton towel and judge for yourself.


One of the most economic purchases you can make is reversibles. Reversible rugs and towels offer you a great style choice that you can change. You get two rugs or two towels for the price of one. When you get tired of one side, you can flip it over for an entirely different look.

The Company Store is just one example of places where you can find several reversibles that also match solid colored towels and rugs. Donna Karan makes a gorgeous chrysanthemum reversible towel set.

Choosing Bath Rugs and Towels

Making a decision on which rug and towel you like may be difficult when you have so many choices.

Finding Matchables

It's each to find matching bath rugs and towels for your bathroom makeover to help you create a chic, dramatic or fun look.

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Bath Rugs and Towels